Craft Time in the Infirmary

"We have been decoupaging our switch plates to brighten our rooms, making coasters to give as gifts and to use by our bedside, and making different kinds of paper to use in making gift cards later on. We plan to make ornaments, snowmen, and other exciting things for the holidays. We have been having so much fun, but most of all, I want you to know how much this small project has changed the mental status and attitude of those sisters who participate. They are more cheerful, actually look forward to something and ask about the next projects, are excited and interested for a change, and seem happier. Even the staff has benefited because it has brought them closer to the sisters they care for. The staff, as you can see from the pictures, help the sisters who are less able to manage the more detailed work. It is difficult to find craft ideas that are simple enough for the sisters who are handicapped, but the satisfaction they experience when they accomplish something beautiful is worth the effort. One sister always asks the staff to do it for her because she likes watching them! This is a sister who sits with her eyes closed most of the time and doesn't participate in anything and now she is excited to join. Last week, one sister who never wants to come to anything, came and actually made a project, then did several others! It is like watching them come out of a shell slowly. I wish you could see it personally. It is a beautiful thing to watch." -Brenda Pereira

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