The Orphans at Hogar Esquipulas

The orphans at Hogar Esquipulas, some of whom attend school at Colegio San Benito on scholarships provided by our Partners in Benedictine Education Fund, received a wonderful surprise last year. The youth group at Sacred Heart Church Charleston, who had visited the orphanage in March, 2013, teamed with the sisters to provide playground equipment to replace the old, damaged equipment the children had been using. The sisters thank all our partners--families in St. Boniface Church, Fort Smith, who gave each orphan scholarship student a teddy bear and scarf, Trinity JHS students who sent cards to the children, and the sisters and laypersons who have volunteered to be "prayer partners." To learn more about helping these Guatemalan children change their lives and the lives of their families by obtaining a challenging, Christ-centered Benedictine education, contact Sister Rosalie Ruesewald.

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