Partners in Benedictine Education Group Leaves for Mission Trip in Guatemala

Vaya con Dios, Sisters Rosalie and Alice, Kathy Jarvis, and Jennifer Verkamp (pictured with Novice Michaela, their chauffeur to the airport). The group left with Haymée, Mark, and Patrick Giuliani and UAFS senior Sarah on a spring break mission trip to Esquipulas, Guatemala. While they are there, they will meet with the 22 students receiving scholarships from Partners in Benedictine Education, bringing them greetings and gifts from their prayer partners. They will volunteer at Hogar Esqipulas, the orphanage where almost half of our scholarship students live; and Colegio San Benito, the K-12 Benedictine school where we provide their scholarships. The group thanks the Trinity students and other donors who provided toothbrushes, toothpaste, vitamins, and other items needed at the orphanage. They ask for your prayers for a safe and fruitful trip that allows St. Scholastica to forge a stronger, deeper partnership with the monks, faculty and students at San Benito and the Franciscan sisters and children at Hogar Esquipulas.

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