Airmen Reunion

On the weekend of October 3-5, a reunion of Catholic Airmen was hosted by Sr. Madeline Bariola at St. Scholastica. In the 1960’s this group of men volunteered at St. Joseph Orphanage in North Little Rock where Sr. Madeline was on mission, and to this day, they gather bi-annually. For their visit to Arkansas, they toured Crystal Bridges, “one of America’s most recognizable art destinations.” The community honored the airmen and their wives at an evening banquet with entertainment by the Irish band, Cold Water Dogs. In festive enthusiasm, the Irish Jig was enjoyed just as much by the onlookers as those stepping to the music. Laughter, clapping, and singing echoed in the halls as all embraced this special moment in time. There is no way that one can measure the love that Sr. Madeline has for these guys and their families. Their service and dedication, which touched many lives, and their lasting friendships, are a tribute to the outstanding men they are. Sister says, “They are such a special group of people and tucked tightly in my heart.”
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Fred high-stepping with Sr. Maria
Singing Air Force song
More dancing
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