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"The Sisters from St. Scholastica taught both of my parents in grade school. Three of my grandmother's sisters were members of the St. Scholastica Community. I remember their visits 'home' in the summer. They told us about their work ~ teaching, working in hospitals, and caring for children at St. Joseph's Orphanage. I knew from the time I was very young that I would attend St. Scholastica Academy. In 2013 I was elected president of the Alumnae Association. This proved to be a blessing as it brought me into more frequent contact with the Sisters. I'm grateful for the integral part the Sisters have played in my family's faith journey. The Sisters have a passion for their ministries and service to others. The need for the new monastery building is critical. We can help the Sisters by being generous with our contributions as they have been in their service to so many."

Barbara Anhalt - Campaign Co-Chair
Barbara Anhalt
Campaign Co-Chair

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An invitation from the Co-Chairs

Barbara & Leo Anhalt - Campaign Co-Chairs

"I was born and raised in Shoal Creek near the site of the original St. Scholastica Convent and the farm operated by the Sisters. Nearby were the church and grade school I attended. My family was close to the Sisters as they worshipped and worked together. After the eighth grade I continued my Benedictine education at Subiaco Academy. During the past few years I have worked with the Sisters on their plans for the future. When I visit the Monastery, I frequently see my first to fourth grade teachers ~ Sr. Pierre Vorster, Sr. Leona Marie Selig, and Sr. Rosarita Huber. (Not too many people my age have that experience.) I am concerned about the burden of the maintenance of the present monastery building and the care of the aging Sisters. I ask you to join me in helping the Sisters with prayer and a financial contribution. They need a building more suited to their present apostolic and physical needs."

Leo Anhalt - Campaign Co-Chair
Leo Anhalt
Campaign Co-Chair


that's a two way street. The Sisters of St. Scholastica have been giving to us for many years through educating us, praying for us, and ministering to our health and well-being. They have always been and continue to be "givers."

The time has come for us to return this "giving." Linda and I were honored to be chosen Co-Chairs of the campaign to build a new single-level monastery for them on the grounds where they currently reside. Believing God will provide an answer to their existing building, we are committed to helping them achieve their goal of a modern building that will fill their needs and the needs of future Benedictine Sisters who, in turn, will continue their great mission of ministering to our needs.

We ask that you, who also have received their "giving," search your hearts and find a way to pay this gift forward and help the Sisters in their time of need.

We truly believe that "IT IS IN GIVING THAT YOU RECEIVE.""

Buddy and Linda Spradlin - Campaign Co-Chairs
Buddy and Linda Spradlin
Campaign Co-Chairs

Buddy & Linda Spradlin
Tom & Dorothy Calderara

We are pleased to be of help to the wonderful nuns at St. Scholastica. Dorothy was taught by Benedictine Sisters at St. Meinrad School in Prairie View and St. Boniface School and St. Scholastica Academy in Fort Smith.

Our close, loving relationship to the Sisters has grown over many years, as they walked with us and prayed with us through all the joys and sorrows of our family life.

We are happy to help the Sisters, who have spent their lives helping others, as they prepare to build a new monastery. This will allow them to focus their energies on their community life with fewer worries about upkeep and maintenance. Please join us in supporting the Sisters and give generously to this Campaign.

In gratitude to the Sisters,
Tom and Dorothy Caldarera
Tom and Dorothy Caldarera
Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs

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