Forward in Faith


I feel very blessed every time I drive on this monastery campus. You consecrated women turn this priest's head when I look up the hill and know you are praying for me and our school. You've done more than pray; you've also supported us financially, and you even attend our school functions... you are embarking on a campaign to build a new monastery for your future. Be assured of my prayers and support for the success of this campaign.

Father John Antony
Administrator of Trinity Junior High School, Fort Smith

In the 1950's, my father was stationed at Camp Chaffee and my sister and I were enrolled in St. Boniface. In addition to the wonderful and lifelong education I received from the Sisters, I hold some very dear memories.

Far from our family in New York, we as a family were 'adopted' by these wonderful women.. Their joy of life and faith have stayed with me for all these years... Sr. Rosemary, Sr. DePaul, and Sr. Annene were not only teachers, they were excellent role models for a young girl growing up in those days. When I became a teacher myself I tried to emulate them and to teach our faith to my students as they did to me.

May God bless you and all the Sisters who I know continue the wonderful work of the Benedictines in the world.

Marilou (Losee) Abramshe, Esopus, NY

Without having studied and prayed with the Sisters at Saint Scholastica, I may not have heard the call to priesthood. My 'yes' was in a great part due to their example.

Father Jack E. Sidler, Sr.

Sister Josita has always been my 'favorite' teacher! And my Best! She taught me in the second and fifth through eighth grades in the two-room Holy Redeemer School in Clarksville, Arkansas during the 1950's. She provided such a solid foundation for my life, my faith, my whole being. Such a wise woman, teacher, and friend for me the last 65 years... God has blessed me so abundantly by placing Sister Josita in my life!

Former Student Jeanie Zimpel Baltz

The Sisters of St. Scholastica are a down-to-earth group of religious Sisters who have hearts of gold. Sr. Stephanie Schroeder is the most caring, prayerful spiritual director. She has guided me through depressing times and serious medical problems. Without Sr. Stephanie's prayerful guidance I would be lost in this sometimes cruel world.

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