Text Box: weaken them and be drawn to sin.

My hope is that he be happy.  Andrew was given to me by God for a very special purpose.  When I was a child, I would kneel at the foot of my bed every night to say my prayers.  One night, while praying, an angel appeared to me and told me that when I grew up and got married, I would have a child that would be very special.  Andrew was born 2-1/2 months early, weighing only 2 pounds.  He fought for his life and God protected that tiny angel because He knew that Andrew was special.  At a very young age, Andrew received his call from God to become a priest.  From that moment on, I knew that God had something very special planned for Andrew.  I always tell Andrew that he just may be our First American Pope!!!

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Text Box: My Daughter or Son Has a Vocation! ‘Now What’?
Text Box: Monastic Live in: Anything and Everything
Text Box: The Gatekeeper
Text Box: This interview is given by the Gatekeeper as part of a vocation feature about parents with children who are discerning the call to religious life. This month we speak with  Mrs. Lisa Killeen of  Louisiana whose son is thinking about his religious calling.
As a parent who has a child who is discerning his call how do you as the parent feel about this possibility?
Lisa: As a parent, I feel extremely blessed to have a son being called by God to the priesthood.

 How have you supported your child in his vocation search?
Lisa: I have supported Andrew both spiritually and physically with his calling to become a priest.
I encouraged him to attend any and all religious retreats, especially the Come and See reText Box: treats that are put on by our diocese for young men discerning a religious life.
He always wants to attend these and I have always allowed him to attend.

What fears/hopes do you have for your child?
I really have no fears per say about him becoming a priest.  My only worry is that he will have to deal with non-Christians who blast Catholic priests because of the few priests who allowed Satan to Text Box: tor and other members of the community.  It’s a chance to glimpse into the possibility of God working in our lives not only individually but collectively.
 Who are some of these monastic seekers? The answer might surprise you! Check out our webpage for more information about monastic live in opportunities.
Sr. Kimberly Rose Prohaska, OSB—
Text Box: In recent months we have been blessed with several women who have come to the monastery for monastic live-ins or come and see weekends. The interest of women who are on the journey of discernment to religious life has been on the rise for many communities and ours is no exception.  On average we receive about 15-30 inquiries every six weeks. Having women to inquire is wonderful and having women who want to know a bit about our Text Box: way of life is better still! Some might ask us what is a monastic live in or come and see weekend about?   It is an opportunity for women to come and get to know us, to live our Benedictine way of life as we live it. Prospects are invited into our way of life, to pray with us, to dine with us, to visit and work with us. There are tours, and visits to Hesychia and Subiaco, there  are times of solitude and times for recreation, and dialogue with the vocation direc

  My Daughter or Son

has a Vocation : Now What?


Monastic Live In

Any thing and Everything


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