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He was arrested and moved to a Berlin prison. He was condemned to death
for sedition in July and beheaded on August 9, 1943.
On the eve of his execution, Jagerstatter wrote,
"If I must write...
with my hands in chains, I find that much better than if my will were in
chains. Neither prison nor chains nor sentence of death can rob a man of his
faith and his free will."
"I think Franziska, his wife, is also a martyr," Sister Rosalie said.
"She was denied state assistance after his death because of the controversy.
She had to take care of the farm and her girls. She was young."
Five thousand pilgrims from all over the world joined Sister Ro-
salie and Jarvis at the beatification Mass held in St. Mary Cathedral in Linz.
Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, who presided over the Mass, said Jagerstat-
ter's courage is an important example for people today, who face "condition-
ing and manipulation of consciences and minds, sometimes through deceit-
ful means."
Following the beatification, the pilgrims
passed by the prison where Jagerstatter was first
held following his arrest. In the evening they at-
tended an opera composed in his honor, followed
by a reception hosted by the Governor of Upper
Austria. In the days that followed, they attended
Mass at St. Radegund Church and visited Jager-
statter's farm, now a shrine. They participated
in a peace vigil at a church in Ostermiething.
They also toured the Mauthausen Concentration
"Seven hundred eighty priests were executed
in Mauthausen," Sister Rosalie said. "Many
people, university students and ordinary citi-
zens, were executed by the Nazis for support-
ing peace. Sixteen people were executed on the
same day as Blessed Franz."
A biographical DVD, "The Refusal," is available from the Center
for Christian Nonviolence at "Die
Letzten Tage," a 2005 DVD about the life of Sophie Scholl, a university
student who was executed by the Nazis for promoting peace, an Academy
Award nominee for best foreign film, is another good resource for social
justice discussion groups to use.
Blessed Franz Jagerstatter, who followed his conscience despite
great personal sacrifice, is a role model with an important message for our
"Let us love our enemies, bless those who curse us, pray for those
who persecute us. For love will conquer and will endure for all eternity."
Vol. 37, No. 1 ST. SCHOLASTICA MONASTERY, Fort Smith, AR February 2008
The sisters at St. Scholastica Monastery are members of the na-
tional Catholic peace movement, Pax Christi USA. Several of them are also
active participants in Justpeace, an ecumenical River Valley peace group,
as well as Church Women United. They have been involved in prayerful
vigils for many years in opposition to preemptive war. Their half-hour silent
Weekly Witness continues every Sunday afternoon from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m.,
as they meet at the northeastern corner of Creekmore Park, Fort Smith, each
Sunday at noon, ending with the reading of the names of soldiers who died
in the previous week and praying for peace.
"We remember our soldiers, their families, and everyone who suf-
fers in wartime," Sister Rosalie Ruesewald, OSB, a core member of National
Benedictines for Peace and coordinator of St. Scholastica's Social Justice
committee, said. "We pray for our soldiers but oppose the preemptive war in
which they serve."
On October 26, 2007, Sister Rosalie and Justpeace member and St.
Scholastica Oblate program enrollee Kathy
Jarvis traveled to Linz, Austria to attend the
beatification of Franz Jagerstatter, who was
beheaded by the Germans for refusing to
serve in the German Army during WWII.
Blessed Jagerstatter, who was born
on May 20, 1907, in St. Radegund, Austria,
was educated in a one-room schoolhouse, but
became an avid reader with his grandfather's
When Hitler came to Linz to an-
nounce the annexation of Austria in 1938,
Jagerstatter was the only person in his town
to oppose it. He was inducted into the Ger-
man Army, serving from October 1940 until
April 1941, when he was released to return to
his wife, three daughters, and family farm.
As a part-time church sexton, Blessed Jagerstatter received the
Eucharist daily. Through prayer, reflection, and Bible reading, he became
convinced that the German war was unjust, and decided that he could not in
conscience serve in the Army.
He sought counseling from his bishop, his pastor, family and
friends. All of them urged him to consider the needs of his family and his
country and serve in the military. And yet Jagerstatter knew he must resist.
"If the Church stays silent in the face of what is happening, what
difference would it make if no church were ever opened again?"
he said.
Jagerstatter did not judge the bishop, his pastor, his family or his
countrymen for cooperating, however reluctantly, with the Nazis.
"God has
given me the gift of seeing things as they are,"
he said.
When he was called to service again in February 1943, he an-
nounced his refusal to fight and volunteered to perform nonviolent service.
Justpeace Pilgrims Attend Beatification of World War II Martyr
Franz Jagerstatter
Retired Bishop of Linz and Abbot of St. Lambrecht Maximilian
Aichorn, OSB and Sister Rosalie Ruesewald, OSB
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Vol. 37, No. 1
February 2008
HorizoNs is published three times a year by the
Benedictine sisters of st. scholastica Monastery, P.o. Box
3489, Fort smith, Ar 72913. E-mail Monastery: [email protected] Website: FAX: 479-782-4352.
Anyone is welcome to be on the mailing list at no charge.
Maryanne Meyerriecks . . . . . . . . . . Managing Editor, Photos
sister Audrey Becker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Circulation
Calvert McBride . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Printers
it's still too early for the new
growth of spring, but st. scholastica
Monastery is welcoming new life in a
number of ways.
Just a little over a month ago
we with the rest of the world welcomed
the New Year, which this year, has that
extra day for good measure. You notice
this issue of HorizoNs appears with a
new look. That's because st. scholas-
tica Monastery hired Maryanne Meyer-
riecks, its first ever Communications Di-
rector. An area correspondent for The
Arkansas Catholic for a number of years,
she comes with years of experience in
print and electronic media and with an
eagerness to learn other aspects of pub-
licity to get the word out about the life
and ministry of the Benedictine sisters
of Fort smith. Welcome, Maryanne!
Maryanne's office will become
the clearinghouse, both for the monas-
tery and the retreat center for all public-
ity, whether in print, on billboards, radio,
television, or the internet. Up to this time
those duties have been covered in part
by many sisters.
The community is very grate-
ful to sister Pierre Vorster, who edited
the three-times-yearly monastery pub-
lication, HorizoNs, took the pictures,
arranged for newspaper and television
coverage for a total of 25 years! That's
quite a record for a science teacher with
no journalism background. she did a
job the monastery is quite proud to dis-
play. sisters who assisted her with Ho-
rizoNs were sisters Elise Forst, copy
editor and advisor, Audrey Becker, mail-
ing list coordinator and circulation man-
ager, and Kimberly Prohaska, computer
other sisters who participated
in the multiple publicity efforts were sis-
ters Magdalen stanton with the original
web site, and Kimberly Prohaska and
Pat Bolling, the revised web site's up-
keep and updating. Doing the Retreat
Center publicity through newspapers,
magazines, parish bulletins, and bro-
chures were sisters Therese Moreno
and Hilary Decker, with some assistance
from Macrina Wiederkehr and the pro-
gram committee of the retreat Center
advisory board.
Also in this issue are listed the
many benefactors who welcomed our
annual appeal letter and contributed
money and in-kind gifts in the course
of this calendar year. My custom when
someone makes a substantial donation
is to call them to express the sisters'
gratitude. These generous folks often
tell me that i didn't need to call; i am
so encouraged by their responses which
can be summed up with this one: "We
want you sisters to be around a long
time and we want to help." How grate-
ful we are to you. This issue will show
some of your dollars at work.
With great joy and hope we
welcomed two postulants within the last
From the Desk of the Prioress
six months: Kelly
Fogarty and Beth
Fritsch. Both are
gifted women who
will continue to
discern their call
to monastic life
by living, praying, and working with us.
The oblate group of men and women
from various denominations continues to
increase as these God-seekers come to
walk the spirituality of st. Benedict along
with us. sister Macrina Wiederkehr's
latest book, "The seven sacred Paus-
es", will be on book shelves this spring.
Not only is this a season for
welcoming the new; it's with more than
a tinge of sadness that we must bid fare-
well to our last two missions, st. Joseph's
Home in North Little rock where sisters
Vivian Luyet and Dolores Vincent Bauer
performed a needed and highly respect-
ed ministry with the poor and with the
elderly, and st. John's Parish in russell-
ville where sisters regina and Barbara
schroeder will serve as Parish Ministers
through June of this year. These four
Sisters are needed to fill positions at the
Monastery. our two corporate ministries
are Hesychia House of Prayer at New
Blaine staffed by sisters Louise sharum,
Marian Walbe, Andrea Loran, and Ethel
Marie sonnier, and the retreat Center
at the Monastery staffed by sisters Hi-
lary Decker, Madeline Bariola, Macrina
Wiederkehr, Elise Forst, and Therese
For more information on the
activities at st. scholastica's, check out
the web site at or come
by for a tour. May what happens to you
this year be the blessing for which you
are praying and waiting. May this Lent
enliven your spirit of joy and hope.
­sister Cabrini schmitz, osB
born August 7, 1919;
passed away on Oc-
tober 26, 2007. A fu-
neral Mass was held
on October 30 at Sa-
cred Heart Catholic
Church, Springfield,
MO, where Finch had
served as a eucharistic minister, President of
the St. Vincent de Paul Society, President of
the Parish Council, and Sacred Heart Angel.
A decorated World War II veteran, Finch was
buried with full military honors at the Missouri
Veterans Cemetery. He is survived by his wife,
Darlene; his daughter and son-in-law, Julie and
Joy Sebek; his son and daughter-in-law, Mi-
chael and Ellen Finch; four grandchildren; his
sister, Ruth Patterson; and many nieces, neph-
ews, in-laws and friends.
born December 19, 1926, passed away on Oc-
tober 10, 2007 in Florida. He is survived by his
widow, Jacqueline, seven children, and seven-
teen grandchildren.
ary 2, 1925; passed away on October 7, 2007.
She was preceded in death by her husband,
Aloys J. Noll, whom she married on April 23,
1946. They had no children. She is survived by
many nieces and nephews.
Heaven-born, the soul a heavenward course
must hold; beyond the world she soars; the wise
man, I affirm, can find no rest in that which per-
ishes, nor will he lend his heart to ought that
doth time depend.
- Michaelangelo
In Loving Memory
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Paul & Magdalen Cesare
Joseph Chancey
Clifford & Myrna Chensam
Arlene Childress
Ann Childs
Cecil & Barbara Chrisman
Christ the King Church, Fort Smith
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Gerald & Mary Devaney
Bonnie Diefendorf
The Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery thank each of our benefactors and volunteers for your gener-
ous support. You are remembered in our love and prayers. The first Monday of each month, a Mass
is offered for you and your intentions.
Benefactors listed here supported the Monastery during the year 2007.
J.o. & Gloria Blaty
Judy Bock
William & Theresa Boeckholder
Linda Boen
Lawrence & shirley Boente
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From the Psalms
Eyes we have and cannot
Grace of God, give sight to
Ears we have and cannot
Voice of God, sound forth,
ring clear.
With our hearts deceit we
Jesu just, our depths reveal.
-Sister Consuella Bauer,
Cathy Furstenberg
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Sister Consuella Bauer
her renovated room on the
Infirmary Floor.
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On December 26, St. Scholastica welcomed its newest member, Beth Fritsch, during
Evening Praise. Beth joins two others in formation: Kelly Fogarty, who was received on
September 14, and Sister Cecelia Marie Brickell, who made her temporary profession of
vows on June 24. During her formation period, Beth will be living community with the
formation group, pursuing religious studies, and studying the Rule of St. Benedict under
the direction of Formation Director Sister Maria DeAngeli.
Beth, the third of four
children of Joseph and Ar-
lene Fritsch, was born on
April 13, 1962.
"I had considered reli-
gious life when I was in col-
lege," Beth said, "but I was
not mature enough then to
make such a commitment."
Instead, she earned a B.A.
in Theology; an M.Ed; an
MBA from Xavier Universi-
ty, Cincinnati; and a parale-
gal certificate from the Uni-
versity of Cincinnati. While
she achieved success in the
business world as a real es-
tate closer, asset manager,
and, later, contract project manager for a utility company, she never forgot the contem-
plative part of herself.
Beth had prayed with Sister Macrina Wiederkehr's book, "Seasons of Your
Heart", for many years. In 2006, after a large corporate merger gave her the gift of time
and freedom, she traveled to St. Scholastica Monastery to attend one of Sister Macrina's
retreats, "The Secret Garden." At the monastery, she found a place where her soul felt
very free. She continued to travel in Ireland and France, but still felt a pull towards the
monastic life and the welcoming and loving community where she had begun to feel at
After a period of discernment, she made arrangements to sell her home in Ohio
and become a member of St. Scholastica.
"It often amazes me that I ever would have been led to Arkansas," she said, "as
I had never visited and would not have chosen to reside there. I do believe that it is a
confluence of many factors which align to situate a person in the place they are meant to
be. I believe this happened to me and I am grateful for the grace to say, `Yes."'
Consider Your Call
St. Scholastica Monastery Monastic Experience
July 3-8, 2008
This retreat weekend is open to young Catholic women between the ages of 18-45 who
want to learn about Benedictine life. There will be times for prayer, ministry, getting to know the
Sisters and participating in monastic life. For more information, contact our Vocation Director:
Sister Kimberly Rose Prohaska, OSB
St. Scholastica Monastery
P.O. Box 3489
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72913
(479) 783-4147
[email protected]
St. Scholastica Gift Shop
Fort smith's only Catholic gift
shop for religious Articles,
handcrafted items, and home-
made baked goods.
Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Most saturdays 12:30-3:00 p.m. at
the retreat Center, 2nd Floor
And Beth Makes Three!
Kelly Fogarty, Beth Fritsch, and Sister Cecelia Marie Brickell
Please remember us when revising or making
your will. Our legal name is
St. Scholastica Monastery,
Fort Smith, Arkansas.
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n November 29, a special prayer service
was held at st. Joseph Home in North Little
rock, marking the departure of sisters Viv-
ian Luyet and Dolores Vincent Bauer, OSB
and the end of 100 years of Benedictine
ministry there. sister Cabrini schmitz,
osB, led the two-hour prayer service, be-
ginning in the second floor Cha-
pel and continuing through the
building, stopping to pray, sing
hymns, and sprinkle holy water in
each area of the building.
The Diocese of Little
rock, owner of st. Joseph Home,
is offering the property for sale.
It hopes to find a buyer who will
keep the building, listed on the
National Historic registry, and
maintain its Catholic ties, and is
waiting until March 1 to give in-
terested Catholics a chance to come
sister Vivian, 89, re-
turned to st. scholastica for
health reasons. Sister Dolores
Vincent is serving as assistant
procurator in the monastery.
st. scholastica Monastery
1301 south Albert Pike
P.o. Box 3489
Fort smith, Ar 72913-3489
[email protected]
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Fort smith, Ar
Permit: No. 429
Feb. 16 Caregivers Day of Recollection
Sister Rachel Dietz, OSB
Feb. 22-24 Honoring the Soul's Need
for Reflection
Sister Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB

March 8 Lenten Day of Recollection
Clara Jane Rubarth

Mar. 20-23 Holy Week/Triduum Retreat
Sister Macrina Wiederkeher, OSB
and Sister Hilary Decker, OSB
Mar. 28-30 Retreat on Thomas Merton
John King
Apr. 11-13 Dreams and Other Ways to Listen
for Wisdom
Rev. Susan Sims-Smith and
Bishop Larry Maze
Apr. 18-20 Beatitudes: Promises of Joy (Not
Fr. Mark Stengel, OSB
Apr. 24-27
Directed Retreat
June 14 Create Your Own Gourd Prayer
Sr. Melissa Anna Letts, OSB
To register or to get more
call 479-783-1135 or e-mail
[email protected]
ister Maria DeAngeli, OSB
, For-
mation Director at St. Scholastica Monas-
tery, is attending an intensive study of the
Holy rule in rome, italy. At the
two-month long conference, sister
Maria and 27 other participants
from English-speaking countries
around the world, will embark on
an in-depth study of the rule of st.
Benedict and the Dialogues of St.
Gregory using primary sources.
During the program, which is con-
ducted at the Generalate of the
Missionary Benedictine sisters of
Tutzing, the class will take trips to
Nursia, the birthplace of st. Bene-
dict, to subiaco, and to Monte
ister Cabrini
schmitz, osB, Prioress, is at-
tending the Conference of Bene-
dictine Prioresses from January
31-February 4 in Ferdinand, iN.
This annual meeting brings together prior-
esses from the U.s., Canada, Mexico, and
the Bahamas.
ister Macrina Wiederkehr's sev-
enth book, "seven sacred Pauses: Living
Mindfully Through the Hours of the Day",
will be released by sorin Books on March
31, 2008. A companion CD, "Seven Sacred
Pauses: Singing Mindfully From Dawn to
Dark", by Velma Frye, was released in De-
cember, 2007. in this book, sister Macrina
encourages readers to use the seven sa-
cred pauses in the monastic day--the Night
Watch, the Awakening Hour, the Blessing
Hour, the Hour of illumination, the Wisdom
Hour, the Twilight Hour, and the Great si-
lence--to keep vigil with God in their own
sister Macrina will be conducting
retreats using themes from Seven Sacred
at st. scholastica retreat Center-
from February 22-24; at The Cenacle re-
treat, Houston, TX from April 4-6; at subi-
aco retreat Center from April 11-13; and at
Bon secours spiritual Center in Marriotts-
ville, MD from April 18-20. Sister Macrina
will also be signing books in several cities
across the country.
"seven sacred Pauses" is avail-
able for pre-order at, which
also sells her first six books. "Seven Sacred
Pauses" CD is available through http: www.

Seven Sacred Pauses CD
Velma Frye
Read the large
print edition of
"Horizons" in PDF
format on our
website at: