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moment of her death, with her soul
flying to heaven in the form of a
During the weekend, the
sisters were treated with warm hos-
pitality, at a dedication Mass and re-
ception, tours of the town, and visits
with friends and family. They thank
Holy Family Church for its faithful
love and prayer.
hroughout Lent, the sis-
ters were treated to delicious Friday
night fish fries hosted by Sacred
Heart Council, Knights of Colum-
bus in Charleston. At one of the
fish fries, Roger James presented
Sisters Pierre Vorster and Stepha-
nie Schroeder with a generous
check, part of the proceeds of the
fish fries, as Father Peter Sharum,
OSB, pastor and chaplain of the
Council, looked on. Sacred Heart
Council, which has won statewide
awards for "best small council,"
has been very generous to the
sisters for many years and a good
neighbor to the whole community.
Vol. 37, No. 2 ST. SCHOLASTICA MONASTERY, Fort Smith, AR June, 2008
and Grateful
he Sisters of St. Scho-
lastica are always grateful to see
how many parishes and missions
they served continue to remember
their service through their prayers
and support. Seeing the Benedic-
tine values of hospitality, spirituality,
and generosity live on in the people
they have taught brings them great
In February, a number of
sisters visited Holy Family Church,
Nazareth, TX, a mission the sisters
served from 1915-1990. The small
parish of 347 people produced
twenty-two sisters in its 100 year
history, most of them Sisters of St.
Scholastica Monastery.
In recognition of their Bene-
dictine history, Holy Family pa-
rishioners erected two statues in
the church, both sculpted by Ca-
nadian artist Timothy Schmalz.
The statues of St. Benedict
and St. Scholastica were dedi-
cated in February. St. Benedict
is depicted planting a garden.
St. Scholastica is depicted at the
The sisters thank them for their
prayer and support.
n May, the Catholic Wom-
en's Union met at Sacred Heart of
Mary Church, Barling, for a fund-
raiser to benefit the sisters. The
Catholic Women's Union meets
monthly to pray and support mis-
sionaries, religious orders, and
other charities. Its members reside
in many of the former Benedictine
parishes the sisters served along
Highway 22 and Interstate 40. They
are especially good to the sisters
in the infirmary, and the Sisters of
St. Scholastica thank them for their
continued love and support.
In future issues of "Hori-
zons," the sisters will feature more
of the many churches, organizations,
and individuals whose caring has
helped them through the years.
The grateful givers in the
missions served by the sisters are
remembered in daily Masses and
prayer, with grateful hearts for their
Photo by P.D. Gramlich, "Charleston Express"
Photo by Kyle Hoelting
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Vol. 37, No. 2
June 2008
HORIzONS is published three times a year by the
Benedictine Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery, P.O. Box
3489, Fort Smith, AR 72913. E-mail Monastery: [email protected] Website: FAX: 479-782-4352.
Anyone is welcome to be on the mailing list at no charge.
Maryanne Meyerriecks . . Managing Editor, Photos, Circulation
Sister Elise Forst, OSB........................................................Advisor
Calvert McBride . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Printers
There is no "Message from the Pri-
oress" in June's "Horizons." Sister
Cabrini Schmitz, OSB, is recov-
ering from knee surgery. Please
remember Sister Cabrini and the
sisters in the Infirmary in your
Blessings to Two Diamond
June 24, 1948 - June 24, 2008
Sisters Rosarita Huber and Adrian Wewers
will celebrate their
sixty-year Diamond Jubilees on June 24, 2008. Both are still actively
serving the monastic community--Sister Ro-
sarita as Laundry Manager and Sister Adrian
as Assistant to House Coordinator Sister Eliza-
beth Rossi.
Sister Rosarita has two older sisters who were
Benedictines--Sister Herbert Huber, who lives
in the Infirmary, and the late Sister Marie Huber.
The daughter of German immigrants, George
and Sophie Huber, who moved to Subiaco in
the 1920's, Sister Rosarita joined St. Scholas-
tica Monastery at age 17. On her first mission
at Shoal Creek, Sister Rosarita taught Grades
1-4, but soon her musical skills were put to good
use teaching Music at St. Scholastica Academy
and various missions over the next 19 years, and serving as organist and
choir director in churches. While teaching she earned her B.A. in Music--
Organ at Webster University and an M.A. in Elementary Education at St.
Joseph College. In 1970 she transferred to public school teaching in the
Fort Smith School District, retiring in 1996. "I
pray to be open to whatever surprises God has
in store for me," Sister Rosarita said.
Sister Adrian, the oldest of ten children, learned
a prayer at her mother's knee. "God help me
to know what you want me to be." Through her
mother's encouragement and the example of
her aunt, Sister Benita Wewers, Sister Adrian
joined St. Scholastica at age 15, and was later
followed by her sister, the late Sister Mary Ruth
Wewers. As a Benedictine sister, she taught for
40 years in Catholic and pubic schools, includ-
ing Nazareth, TX, where she prayed the Rosary
at every sporting event, helping the school earn many winning seasons.
While teaching she earned her B.S. in Elementary Education at St. Mary's
College. Although Sister Adrian had initially wanted to become a nurse,
she never regretted being a teacher. Before coming back to the monas-
tery to assist the House Coordinator in 1997, she finished her teaching
career at St. Joseph's Early Childhood Learning Center in Little Rock.
"I thank God every day that He gave me the inspiration to hear His call
and the strength to continue His work," Sister Adrian said.
Sisters Barbara and Regina
Schroeder are leaving their jobs in St.
John's Church, Russellville to return
to work in the monastery this June.
Sister Regina will serve as Procurator
and Sister Barbara will assist in vari-
ous capacities.
The parishioners at St. John's,
who held a farewell party for them May
17, will miss their service. "They were
always reaching out to others," Father
Bill Thomas, pastor, said. Sister Bar-
bara, who worked in hospital and nurs-
ing home ministry, is "really small but
mighty," Rita Brabel said. "She kind of
sprinkles sunshine and the faith wher-
ever she goes."
"Sister Barbara reminds me
of one of my aunts," parishioner Char-
lotte Petrick added. "She's just a neat
little lady, very inspiring, and a won-
derful storyteller."
Sister Regina directed the RCIA
Program, worked with annulments, and
coordinated "Why Catholic?" and Scrip-
ture Studies at St. John's. Petrick, who
will be taking over as RCIA Program
Director, said that Sister Regina was a
wonderful mentor and role model. "She
is fun and interesting and a wealth of in-
formation," Petrick said.
Craig Brabel, who joined the
Church in 2006, said, "Sister Regina
put me on her `hit list' of people she
was trying to convert. I had been
going to St. John's with my wife for
25 years. When I joined the Church,
Sister Regina and Father Bill were
listed as my godparents. Sister Re-
gina is awesome."
Rita Brabel said, "They're
very special to our family. They've
been a shoulder to cry on and of-
fered us a lot of encouragement and
showed a lot of confidence in our
abilities to help us to grow."
Father Bill said, "We hate to
lose them, but we can understand why."
Two Sisters Come Home to
St. Scholastica Monastery
Sr. Adrian's Photo by Br. Francis Kirchner, OSB
In Memoriam
away on May 15, 2008 at the age of 87. She
made her oblation October 21, 1991. A
graduate of St. Scholastica Academy, she
was retired from Phillips Petroleum Com-
pany and lived in Holy Redeemer Parish,
Clarksville. She is survived by one sister,
Mary Lorfing; one brother, Bernard Wer-
ner; and numerous nieces and nephews.
Sr. Rosarita's photo by Sr. Pierre Vorster, OSB
background image
A Look at the
By Sister Elise Forst
Thanks to our many generous friends,
Maryanne Meyerriecks, our communications di-
rector, and I are settled in our new office in the
monastery. Our maintenance men did a wonder-
ful job transforming the old sewing room into a
communications/development office. We will
soon be putting up two plaques, one remember-
ing the donors who contributed to this project, and
one for Sister Mary Ruth Wewers, whose retire-
ment monies were used for this project.
We are filled with gratitude to all of you
who have been so gracious and eager to be a
part of continuing the life and works of St. Scho-
lastica Monastery into the coming years. Many of
you are now providing needed advice and skills
on various advisory boards.
Our first advisory board was the Con-
tinuing Care Fund Board, which has helped us
manage our Continuing Care Fund to provide
for the needs of our elderly Sisters now and in
coming years. In order to more accurately reflect
the board's service to the community, we have
changed the name of that board to Financial Advi-
sory Board. Lay people presently serving on that
board are Leo Anhalt, Bob Doss, and Ravi Thiagara-
jan from Fort Smith and Carol Geels from Subiaco.
In 2004, the Friends of the Center formed
a group to help the Sisters in their work at the Re-
treat Center. They have given generously of their
resources, time, and skills in planning, prepar-
ing, and promoting
programs at the Center. The
board for the Friends of the Center is now being
renamed as the Retreat Center Advisory Board.
Present lay members of that board include Mary
Louise Baier, Kaye Bernard, Kathryn Birkhead,
and John King from the Fayetteville area; John
Brandebura, Karin Hahn, Linda McDonough,
Maryanne Meyerriecks, Clara Jane Rubarth, and
Suzy Smith from Fort Smith; Tom Jakobs from
Alma; and Delores Neumeier from Ozark.
In 2006, the Development Advisory Board
was established to assist the community in set-
ting up a development program. Members outside the
community on this board are Debbie Bentley, Tom and
Dorothy Caldarera, Father David McKillin, OSB, Mary-
anne Meyerriecks, Bob and Becky Meyers, and Ravi
Thiagarajan from Fort Smith and Kaye Bernard and Paul
and Theresa Cronan from Fayetteville.
In 2007, Sister Kimberly Prohaska, vocation di-
rector, established a Vocation Advisory Board to assist
her in spreading the word about the community and in-
viting new members. Members outside the community
include Kaye Bernard and Janet Fuller from Fayetteville;
Peggy Brandebura, Deacon John and Mary Burns, Mary-
anne Meyerriecks, John Neubauer, Dorothy Sullivan, Ju-
lie Udouj, Paul Udouj, and Jo Ann Vonderheide from Fort
Smith; Brother Francis Kirchner, OSB from Subiaco; and
Amanda Moore from Conway,
We are grateful to all these friends who give so
much of themselves to be of service to us.
Credit Cards accepted now
Credit card payment is now accepted for retreat pro-
grams and for gifts to the monastery. You can also contribute
online through PayPal at the St.Scholastica Monastery web
site, In the "Other Links of Interest" go
to the drop down menu to "Make a Contribution."
If you wish to make an electronic funds transfer, please
call Ravi Thiagarajan at our Business Office at (479) 783-4147.
Please remember us when revising or
making your will. Our legal name is
St. Scholastica Monastery,
Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Our sisters and staff have been hard at work creating space
to bring the Gift Shop into the monastery. After relocating the
mailroom and kitchen storage area, they have begun renova-
tions, which will include a separate Gift Shop entrance near
the monastery parking lot. The move to this convenient, more
accessible location should take place by the end of summer.
Sister Maria DeAngeli will be holding a moving sale in late
June. The anonymous donor who provided the resources for
us to complete this move is remembered in our prayers.
(L to R) Sister Elise Forst, OSB and Maryanne Meyerriecks in their new office.
background image
Two Programs for Spiritual Growth
Following the Spiritual Exercises of St.
Following the Rule of St. Benedict as a
Benedictine Oblate
This October, the Retreat Center will offer its
second "Retreat in Daily Life." From October, 2007
through May, 2008, seven people participated in the
first seven month experience of the Spiritual Exer-
cises of Ignatius, led by Sisters Rachel Dietz, Maria
DeAngeli, Stephanie Schroeder, and Macrina Wie-
derkehr. During the retreat period, they committed to
a daily hour of prayer using the method of the Ignatian
exercises. They met as a group once a week, and had
individual spiritual direction sessions every other week.
"Several of us participated in this program at
Red Plains Monastery in Piedmont," Sister Rachel
said. "Through the Retreats in Daily Life, Red Plains
Monastery has trained 80 people in the Oklahoma
City area to become spiritual directors. We hope this
program will benefit both people who want to learn
spiritual direction or just to apply its principles in their
relationships with God, their families, and their com-
Surrenah Werley, Director of Religious Educa-
tion at Immaculate Conception Parish, had been look-
ing for a flexible program that would allow her to do
something just for herself so that she would have the
strength to continue her ministry to others. "I wanted
something that was going to have a longer-lasting im-
pact," she said, "because I have too many responsibil-
ities to go away. This program was an absolute blessing
that enabled me to grow my relationship with Christ and
have a much more personal relationship with Him."
Clara Jane Rubarth, a retired professor from
University of Arkansas--Fort Smith, retreat direc-
tor, and community leader, said, "Probably the best
thing was the deepening of my faith through the guid-
ance and through the concentration on the hour a
day prayer and meeting every week. The whole ex-
perience was so good that instead of saying "the 30
weeks are through," we decided to keep meeting be-
cause we formed a bond with the others in the group
as well as with Jesus and His Blessed Mother."
Because time is needed to prepare for this re-
treat experience and for individuals to be evaluated
for their readiness to this commitment, applicants are
requested to register in July, 2008. No one will be
permitted to register after September 1, 2008. For
further information, or to register for the Retreat in
Daily Life, call Sisters Hilary Decker, Rachel Dietz,
or Maria Goretti DeAngeli at (479) 783-1135 or (479)
St. Scholastica Monastery has been blessed
by the presence of its Oblates, who have promised
to live the wisdom of Christ as interpreted in the Rule
of St. Benedict. They associate themselves with the
community while they live in the world, being living
examples of Christ's presence to those around them.
On May 18, nine men and women who had stud-
ied the Rule of Benedict since September, 2007 enrolled
in the Oblate program, receiving a medal of St. Benedict
and committing to studying his Holy Rule for a second
year. Four men and women who had completed the two
year program of study made their final Oblation.
Oblates meet monthly from September to May
for a meeting with Sister Magdalen Stanton, Oblate
Director, following 9:30 Mass on the third Sunday of
each month. During meetings they study the Rule of
Benedict and learn how to apply it in their daily lives.
They strive to follow Benedictine values in the
world: stability and fidelity by worshipping and volun-
teering in their church communities; moderation in
their use of the world's goods; concern for their neigh-
bors; conversion to Christ and an attempt to avoid sin;
and obedience and maintenance of proper relation-
ships towards God, their families, and their civil and
religious societies.
Guided by the Rule, Oblates strive to spend
time each day reflecting on Scripture, cultivating an
awareness of God's presence in silence, praising
God, and learning self-mastery through self-denial.
"The Oblate program has changed my per-
sonal relationship with God, the way I look at myself and
my family, and how I view my community and the world
around me," new Oblate Gwen DeGruccio said. "The
Sisters of St. Scholastica are a loving model for us,"
Enrollee Kathy Jarvis added.
In giving his homily to the Oblates at Mass on
May 18, Father David McKillin, OSB, said, "the Oblates'
commitment to the Benedictine way of prayer is a call for
each of us to renew our fidelity to God's love song for it is
true `God so loved the world that He gave His only Son,
that the world might be saved through Him."'
Following Mass, the nine enrollees: Mary Louise
Baier, Kathryn Birkhead, Julie Hynes, Kathy Jarvis, Kath-
leen Moffett, Robert Nichols, Jon Mark and Lisa Simpson,
and Julia Mason Williams; and the four new Oblates: Kevin
Eveld, Gwen DeGruccio, Ann McElmurry, and Linda Sprad-
lin enjoyed brunch with the sisters and other oblates.
To receive more information about the Oblate
program, contact Sister Magdalen at 783-4147.
background image
Sister Alice O'Brien, OSB, is the newest member to join St. Scholastica Monastery, having
transferred from Our Lady of Peace Monastery, Columbia, MO on March 24.
She followed in the footsteps of her sister, Sister Rose Maria Birkenfeld, OSB, when she
joined Our Lady of Peace on August 3, 2000.
"I knew about the community and Benedictine life even though my sister entered the mon-
astery when I was just 5 or 6 years old," Sister Alice said. She came to discern her own religious
vocation when her marriage ended and her six children were grown. She took temporary vows on
August 15, 2003. "At the onset I don't think my children quite understood why I was choosing
religious life," she said, "but now they have grown accustomed to it and understand it better. I think
my grandchildren (aged 20 to 2) like telling their friends their grandmother is a sister."
Sister Alice, a registered nurse specializing in rehabilitation and geriatric care, brings much
needed skills to St. Scholastica. When not in formation classes, she currently works in the office
and gift shop while waiting to get her Arkansas nursing certification.
"The sisters are very welcoming," she said. "It's different because it's a much larger community.
I've worked on getting to know all the sisters. The sisters in the infirmary tell me stories that help me to learn about the community itself.
I like being in formation classes with someone else."
In May, Sister Alice visited Mesa, Arizona to enjoy a special family reunion with her children and grandchildren. "My first
great-grandchild turned 2 on May 24," she said, "and this was the first time I've met him."
Consider Your Call
St. Scholastica Monastery
Monastic Experience
July 3-8, 2008
This retreat weekend is open to young
Catholic women between the ages of 18-45 who
want to learn about Benedictine life. There will be
times for prayer, ministry, getting to know the Sis-
ters and participating in monastic life. For more
information, contact our Vocation Director:
Sister Kimberly Rose Prohaska, OSB
St. Scholastica Monastery
P.O. Box 3489
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72913
(479) 783-4147
[email protected]
Welcome, Sister Alice!
Above, St. Boniface Art teacher Pat Schlag shows Sister Kimberly and Brother Francis Kirchner,
Subiaco, the rose petal rosaries students made during Catholic Schools Week. Below, Sister
Kimberly works at a Vocations Booth during Rex Fest, Christ the King Parish, Little Rock, on May 4.
RexFest photo courtey of Brother Francis.
Sister Kimberly Rose Prohaska,
Vocations Director, has been giving
youth and young adults throughout
Arkansas a glimpse of Benedictine
life. Her joy, enthusiasm and com-
mitment to Christ and the Holy Rule
spoke louder than words as she car-
ried her message to Fort Smith Cath-
olic schools during Catholic Schools
Week, to Subiaco on Fifth Grade
Vocations Day (with help from Sister
Stephanie Schroeder and a number
of other sisters,) and to the Rex Fest
in Little Rock May 4.
Vocations Office On the Move
background image
thunder, lightning, and heavy rain, they were shocked
to see the roads littered with leaves and many lights on
when they arrived at the monastery.
The monastery grounds were strewn with
leaves. "Mess, mess, mess!" Sister Pierre said, shak-
ing her head in dismay, as she surveyed the damages
the next day.
On April 23, Sebastian County was declared
a federal disaster area, but the maintenance workers
were hard at work doing repairs long before that, find-
ing window replacement glass wherever they could,
and documenting the damage with digital photos for
insurance purposes. "We replaced the last window on
May 13," Maintenance Supervisor Ed Elkins said. "We
still have to replace some blinds and carpeting."
"When the community came together and
worked during the hailstorm, it was like praying the Di-
vine Office," Sister Christine said. "Work is prayer, you
know, and we are just thankful that no one was hurt."
sisters storm heaven and mop up the monastery
during april 9th hailstorm
It was "all hands on deck" on the third floor infir-
mary of St. Scholastica Monastery April 9, as a violent
hailstorm moved east on Rogers Avenue, shattering
windows and pelting roofs and cars with golf ball-sized
hailstones and leaving destruction in its wake.
In the third floor infirmary, Sister Richard Wal-
ter was awakened by the sounds of shattering glass
and water rushing into her room. "Glass was flying
everywhere, and she was so scared," Sister Christine
Eckart said. Sister Patrick Cingolani, also resting in her
room, narrowly missed being hit by broken glass that
was propelled all the way to her bed. Maintenance
workers Don Harrison, Ed Elkins, and Ed's wife Mary
came to sweep up glass and board up 18 windows on
the west side of the monastery, using whatever scrap
wood they could find in the shop, dodging lightning as
they ran through the rain and hail from shop to monas-
tery. When the maintenance staff was able to assess
the damages the following day, it discovered 52 bro-
ken windows in the Retreat Center, 18 broken windows
in the monastery and roof, awning, blind, and carpet
damage in both buildings. Numerous cars were pock-
marked with hail stones, but all are still drivable.
"Sisters from all over the house came and
worked so hard, sweeping the glass, mopping the wa-
ter, helping the little nuns get settled in other rooms,"
Sister Christine said. "It was really a community effort.
We all went out to the rotunda and prayed the Rosary
with heart and soul."
Sisters Elise Forst, Madeline Bariola, Magdalen
Stanton, and Alice O'Brien had gone up to Fayetteville
to attend a performance of "Late Night Catechism II,"
where a freewill offering had been taken up to bene-
fit St. Scholastica Monastery. Driving home through
St. Scholastica Gift Shop
on the second floor of the Retreat Center, offers:
Wedding gifts to help young couples establish good
Christian homes....
Graduation gifts to encourage young people to bring
Christ with them as they continue their educations....
We are open Monday-Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30
p.m., and most Saturdays from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m.
Call us at (479) 783-1135
Photos by Darryl Lawson
background image
Move Over, Mr. Clean!
Maintenance supervisor Ed
Elkins (R) and maintenance
man Don Harrison (L) proved
they are jacks of all trades
when they did laundry duty
last March while Sister Rosa-
rita Huber, Laundry Manager,
was recovering from shoul-
der surgery. They showed
that they were as comfort-
able folding sheets as they
are laying tile or spackling
sheetrock, doing, as always,
an outstanding job.
Photo Captions: LEFT: Maryanne Meyerriecks, Director of Communications, and her husband, Fred, are greeted by Sis-
ter Christine Eckart at the Employee Appreciation Dinner. RIGHT: Cathy Blankenship (L) and Don Harrison (R) receive
awards for ten and twenty years of service, respectively. Photos by Sisters Pat Bolling and Kimberly Rose Prohaska.
The Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery served a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings--
stuffing, cranberry sauce, candied yams, vegetables, rolls, salad, and three kinds of pie to 35
employees and their guests. Vocal entertainment for the annual event was provided by Gene
Blackwell, groundskeeper, whose "Auctioneer Song" brought some of the crowd to their feet
in impromptu dance. Sister Rachel Dietz, Subprioress, presented awards to Cathy Blanken-
ship, nursing assistant, for ten years of service, and to Don Harrison, maintenance, for twenty
years of service, and recognized all the employees and volunteers with gracious thanks.
Postulant Beth Fritsch sang an a capella song of thanksgiving, followed by the sisters' bless-
ing their guests as they headed home. A wonderful time was had by all.
Employee Appreciation Dinner
May 8, 2008
background image
St. Scholastica Monastery
1301 South Albert Pike
P.O. Box 3489
Fort Smith, AR 72913-3489
[email protected]
Non-Profit Organization
U.S. Postage Paid
Fort Smith, AR
Permit: No. 429
Read the large print edition of
"Horizons" in PDF format on
June 14
Create Your Own Gourd Prayer Bowl
Presenter: Sister Melissa Ann Letts, OSB
June 27-29 The Heaven Above Us
Presenter: Paula D'Arcy
Sept. 20-26 Drinking From the Life-Giving Waters of God's Word
Presenter: Sister Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB
Oct. 8-10
Soul Writing
Presenter: Sister Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB
Oct. 24-26 Honoring Your Energetic Relationships
Presenter: Mary Brenzel
Nov. 8
This I Believe
Presenter: Jay McDaniel, Ph.D
Dec. 4
Advent Day of Recollection
Presenter: Father Tom Elliott
For more information, or to register for a retreat, call
(479) 783-1135 or visit
St. Scholastica Monastery re-
cently joined the Fort Smith
Chamber of Commerce. Look for
brochures and news items on the
Chamber website, its bimonthly
newspaper, and in the Chamber
headquarters on Garrison Av-
Father Columba Kelly, OSB from
St. Meinrad Archabbey, Indiana on
March 28 and 29 conducted vocal
workshops on singing the Liturgy
of the Hours.
On March 30, Sister Macrina
Wiederkehr participated in an
Autograph Tea at the Retreat
Center to celebrate the release
of her latest book, "Seven Sa-
cred Pauses." Fort Smith Mayor
Ray Baker, who attended the tea,
presented Sister Macrina with a
proclamation at dinner that eve-
ning. Interviews with Sister Ma-
crina have appeared in "National
Catholic Reporter," "Arkansas
Catholic," and "Arkansas Demo-
crat Gazette."
From May 21 through June 24,
Sister Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB
is attending a renewal experi-
ence in Rome, Italy sponsored
by the Benedictine Conference
of Prioresses.
Several sisters will be traveling
to Little Rock for the installation
of the Diocese of Little Rock's
new Bishop Anthony B. Taylor.
on June 5.
On July 2-9, Sister Cabrini
Schmitz, OSB, Prioress, will at-
tend the Federation Chapter
Meeting at Our Lady of Grace
Monastery, Beech Grove, Indiana.
Sisters Ethel Marie Sonnier and
Hilary Decker, OSB, Chapter Del-
egates, will accompany her.