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bright flowers on the table nodded a welcome.
the crisp green lettuce leaf spoke of fresh life,
the chicken salad nourished me.
the delicious lemon tart comforted me.
the herb drink celebrated the bittersweet of life,
but it was the tiny sprig of mint
which captivated me.
the planting, tending and thoughtful picking of the leaves
and their decorative dessert flourish blessed me.
It was a precious touch of love,
honoring and gratefully received.
The humble mint may have grown among Monet's poppies,
a trampled and easily overlooked treasure,
waiting to be discovered by the heart's eye.
Such love is this...
that Christ would die for us,
His love enabling our sprigs of life to blossom.
Such love is this...
that smiling, gracious godly servants would wash our feet,
lovingly serve our meals daily,
welcoming strangers as angelic sisters,
asking for nothing in return...
I bow to the loving kindness,
the radiant servant heart and the treasures of Christ in you.
Heart felt thanks,
Retreatant Sarah Kirsop, Sydney, Australia, July, 2008
Vol. 38, No. 1 ST. SCHOLASTICA MONASTERY, Fort Smith, AR February, 2009
Angels at the Table: Our Retreat Center Cooks
Three of St. Scholastica Retreat Center's Kitchen Angels:
Virginia Ricketts, Wilma Ahlert, and Dorothy Sullivan stir
the soup at the Silent Directed Retreat this January.
Weekend retreats present a dual challenge to the
sisters at St. Scholastica Retreat Center--to offer uplifting
programs that nourish souls along with comfortable accom-
modations and good food served with generous doses of
Benedictine hospitality. Sister Madeline Bariola, OSB, Direc-
tor of Center Maintenance and Hospitality, relies on the cu-
linary talents of her "angels at the table," Scho Girls Virginia
Ricketts, Dorothy Sullivan, Wilma Ahlert, Kitty Hug, Aggie
Lensing, and others to prepare and serve the delicious meals
that bring guests back year after year.
"People want to come back because of the meals
they prepare," Sister Madeline said. "We all get along so well;
I love them like my sisters. They are absolutely the most gra-
cious ladies and nothing is ever too much for them to do."
The Scho Girls do it all--from menu planning to shop-
ping to cooking and serving. "We don't buy any pre-made
food; we cook from scratch," Virginia Ricketts said. "We
usually cook as we go, and are starting on the next day's
breakfast before we're even done cleaning up after dinner.
We serve hot breakfasts--scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits,
and pancakes."
Dorothy Sullivan and Virginia Ricketts, who coordi-
nate the program, graduated from St. Scholastica Academy
several years apart and became friends volunteering at Im-
maculate Conception Church on the Parish Life Commission.
After cooking for numerous receptions and events at Msgr.
Galvin Hall, it seemed only natural for them to start helping
at the monastery during its 125th anniversary year, 2004.
"We started working with Sister Jo Ann Senko and when Sis-
ter Madeline assumed kitchen duties we just pitched in and
helped," Sullivan said.
The unflappable pair has served as many as 58 peo-
ple at the Benedictine Vocation Directors Retreat and weath-
ered crises with equanimity. "Once we put ingredients for a
cheese ball for 500 people into a big mixer and the cheese
went flying all over the kitchen," Ricketts laughed. But af-
ter years of volunteering together, they have learned how to
finish one another's thoughts--and clean up one another's
"There is a quote from Hebrews 13:2, `Do not forget
to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have en-
tertained angels without knowing it,'" Sullivan said. And in the
spirit of Paul's words, "one of our Scho Girls has named our
retreat cooks the "Angels at the Table Ministry.'"
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"Most of the time," was my quick response to the lay person's question: "Do you enjoy
being Prioress?"
In this message which will probably be my valedictory message in HORIZONS,
I want to reflect on a few of the beauties and wonders of these past eight years. I'll also
take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all the support and collaboration I've
experienced within the monastery itself and with the many lay people who believe this
praying monastic community definitely needs a niche in the future church and society.
AND, after almost 50 years, we need an answer to your and our prayers for new voca-
tions. Read the article on our vocation efforts.
The big event which occurred in 2004 was the celebration of 125 years of exis-
tence and service in Arkansas and neighboring states since the Jan. 23, 1879, founding
of St. Scholastica Convent, now Monastery, in Shoal Creek (New Blaine), Arkansas.
This year we marked our 130th anniversary but with little fanfare.
God has been so good to us through gracious and generous people--yes, YOU--who responded to our expressed
needs in the annual appeal letters. Review our very first annual report in this issue.
In addition, a remarkable number of people who love the good earth provided countless baskets of fresh fruits and
vegetables, especially during the summer months. Volunteers of every age and specialty, especially the Alumnae and
Oblates, gave us their precious time working at the retreat center and at the monastery. Note the article on our `angels at
the table.'
Members of parishes where our Sisters taught for many years for little or no pay now proclaim their thanks by de-
claring it is `pay back time'. Our prayer and hope for each of you is that you are experiencing the full measure promised in
Luke 6:38: "Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure-- pressed down, shaken together,
and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return." (New American Standard Bible)
I'm filled with gratitude for the lay men and women who serve selflessly on our four advisory boards: the Financial
Advisory Board, initiated in the early 1970s; the Friends of the Center Advisory Board on Sept. 3, 2004; the Development
Advisory Board Jan.23, 2006, and the Vocation Advisory Board May 25, 2007. Their input has proved invaluable. We also
have a great employee contingent of workers who genuinely care about the Sisters and their home.
The two terms I've served as Prioress of this community, 2001-2009, will come to an end when the as-yet-un-
known Sister will be elected Apr. 19 and officially installed Thursday, May 28. Sister Joella Kidwell, OSB, former Prioress
of Monastery of Immaculate Conception, Ferdinand, IN, and now president of the Federation of St. Gertrude to which St.
Scholastica Monastery belongs, will preside at the installation during Mass. Bishop Anthony Taylor will be the presider for
the Eucharist.
In preparation for the change of leadership our whole community will have been in a `discerning' mode for almost
a year and should be well prepared to allow the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts to select the person who will have the
qualities specified in the Rule of Benedict to lead the Sisters on the monastic journey to God. Unlike the secular way of
selecting a leader, there is no campaigning. Being the leader is not a prize to be sought, but as St. Benedict says in Chap-
ter 64 on the "Election of an Abbot/Prioress", the abbot/prioress must keep constantly in mind the nature of the burden
(emphasis mine) he/she has received and remember to whom he/she will have to give an account of his/her stewardship
(Luke 16:2).
To ease the `burden of the office' of leadership, the wise person will choose to surround herself with officers whose
talents and gifts will complement hers.
Gratefully I acknowledge the staff who served with me some of the years since 2001: Sisters Rachel Dietz as sub-
prioress; Audrey Becker, secretary-treasurer; Ginger deGravelle treasurer; and Gabriel Brandt, Christine Eckart, Regina
Schroeder as procurator/purchasers, and Elizabeth Rossi, house coordinator. I'm deeply appreciative of their assistance
in leading the community in the Benedictine way of life which includes prayer, work, study, and leisure. I am also indebted
to each Sister who took leadership in the monastic council and the ongoing and various ad hoc committees.
I invite you to visit our web site at as well as our monastery. You are in my prayers and in the
prayers of the Sisters here.
­Sister Cabrini Schmitz, OSB
A Message From the Prioress
Vol. 38, No. 1
February 2009
February, 2009
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E-mail:[email protected] Website: FAX: 479-782-4352. Anyone is welcome to be on the mailing list at no charge.
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The Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery thank each of you, our benefactors and volunteers, for your generous
support. You are remembered in our love and prayers. The first Monday of each month, a Mass is offered for
you and your intentions.
Benefactors listed here supported the Monastery during the year 2008.
Al & isabel Adams
Barbara Adams
Jon & Patricia Adams
Jim & sandra Ahlert
Mary Ahlert
ray & Wilma Ahlert
Joselle Albracht
American Association of
retired Persons
Florence Andreas
May Andrews
Leo & Barbara Anhalt
Anonymous (20)
Mary Ashworth
Assumption Church,Atkins Ar
sue Baber
Margaret Babitzke
Don & Mary Louise Baier
Larry & Mary Lynn Baker
Max Baker
Debbie Balicki
Anna Baltz
Jeanne Baltz
ruben & Marietta Baltz
Karen Banks
Delores Barber
Mitzi Bardrick
Julius & Janice Bariola
Lawrence Bariola (dec.)
Jo Ann Barr
Ben & susan Barry
Pat Baskin
Harvell & Vivian Bates
Marilyn Batson
Carolyn Bauer
Jacob Bauer
Jerome Bauer
Louis & Mary Bauer
robert Baugh
Marie Beck
Mark & Heather Beene
Antoinette Beland
Benedictine sisters, ridgely MD
Mary Lou Bennett
sissi Bennett
Debbie Bentley
Anthony Benz
Bernice Bergup
Mr. & Mrs. Herman Berkemeyer
Charlyn Bernard & sisters
Kaye Bernard
Toni Bersani
Jerome & Alice Beshoner
Augusta Best
Lanny & rita Bezner
Kathryn Birkhead
Thelma Blake
Kenneth & stella Blaschke
ronald & Carol Blaschke
J.o. & Gloria Blaty
Judith Bock
William & Theresa Boekholder
Giselle Bohol
stuart Bolling
Walter & Gracie Bolling
Lawrence & Elizabeth Bolte
Jack and Mary Carolyn Borengasser
Joseph Bottalico
W.E. & Mary Bourne
Vernell Bowen
John & Peggy Brandebura
Nellie Brandes
Curtis and Teresa Breeden
Douglas & Carol Brown
Margaret Brown
roy & Paulette Brown
suzanne Brown
Jim & Ann Bruning
regina Buergler
William Buergler
Joe & Connie Bulmanski
John & Mary Burns
Gus Buss
Tom & Dorothy Caldarera
Elizabeth Calle
Cathy Cannatella
Marion Cannatella
Jim & sheila Canup
Luis & Marie Carcano
sam & Laurie Carman
sean & sarah Carrier
irene Carrow
Agnes Carson
rosemary Catalani
Catholic Women's Union of Ar
Paul & Magdalen Cesare
Vi Cessna
Pam Challinor
Clyde & Betty Chaney
Tad & Phyllis Childers
Ann Childs
Cecil & Barbara Chrisman
sherry Clennon
sarah Coco
Joyce Cokely
Lucy Coleman
Helen Colquitt
Philip Columbus
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Conley
Community services Clearinghouse
Harry & Louise Conklin
Frances Connaughton
Michael & rose Mary Coughlin
Bill & Vickie Cowan
Kay Cowan
Diane Crabtree
suzanne Cram
David & Margaret Crawford
Nancy Credeur
Christine Crnkovich
Paul & Theresa Cronan
Jean Crone
Leona Cronin
olga Croom
Mary Ann Cross
Catherine Crouch
Lewis & Laura Crow
Jerry & Joan Crumly
Elijah & rita Cunningham
Gene & Janette Dahlem
Columbus & Phyllis Dalmut
ron & Tami Danielak
Emily Davis
Gloria Davis
Mary Davis
Nancy Ann Davis
George & Debbie deGravelle
Francis & Kathleen DeLorenzo
John & sheryl Denton
Michael & Genevieve Desalvo
Mrs. Thomas Desalvo
Margaret Deuster
Gerard & Mary Devaney
Maureen Didion
Michael & Kathleen Dixon
Marsha Domino
Kruger & Arleen Donelson
Bob & Agnes (dec.) Doss
Thomas Dougherty
Genevieve Duffy
Delma Dunn
Pat Duvall
Mary Ealum
Mary Easterling
Mary Edelhuber
Ed & Mary Elkins
Mark Elsken
Fr. Joseph Enderlin
Betty Etzkorn
Candy Etzkorn
Dolores Etzkorn
richard & Gertie Etzkorn
Karen Ewan
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Fairbanks
Hermina Falck
Anthony & Louise Farris
Kay Feild
Audrey Ferguson
Joe Fernicola
Margaret Fimple
Martha Fisher
Margaret Fitzpatrick
Margaret Flanagan
ruth Flanagan
Jerome & Annette Flusche
Kelly Fogarty
shirley Fondren
Cynthia Fontenot-Harp
Clara Forst
Donna & Dorothy Forst
Fred & Joy Forst
Louis & Marge Forst
Tom Forst
Agnes Forte
Mr. & Mrs. stephen Foster
Beth Frazier
Thomas & Norma Fredrick
Ben & Ann Frietsche
Beth Fritsch
Mary A. Fritsch
Dick & Kathy Fuhrman
Janet Fuller
Adrian & Anna Furstenberg
Kathy Furstenberg
susan Gabbard
Tom Galek
susan Gamble
John & Dolores Gangluff
Pat Garms
John Garner Meats
John & sandy Gass
Thomas & Laurie Gassman
Carol Geels
Harold & Josephine Geels
rosie Glaser
Mary Frances Goncher
Mike Goshen
Michael & Debra Gosnell
Louis & Mary Gottsponer
our new, user-friendly website will have more news and
features about the sisters.
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Patricia Grabber
Adolph Gramlich
Duge & Gertie Gramlich
Maureen Gray
Larry & Mary Jane Grinstead
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gubanski
Judy Guedon
Frank & Ann Gunderman
Joseph & Marilyn Gunther
John & Patricia Habberstad
richard & Karin Hahn
John & Mary Hall
John & Theresa Hall
Patricia Hall
Therese Hamil
Charles & Theresa Hamling
Darlene Hammer
Fr. Ernest Hardesty
Donald & Jane Harrison
Clem & Delores Hartman
Josie Hartman
Lucy Hartmeier
Jerry & Jude Hassler
Charmaine Haunert
James & Helen Hays
Cecilia Heeke
ida Heinrich
Jerry & Wincie Hendricks
Carmen Hennelly
Bill & Agnes Hess
Pete & Joy Hibbard
Elizabeth Hierholzer
iris Hightower
Agnelia Hinson
Mike & Mary Ann Hite
Mark & Delphine Hittson
Jason Hoelting
Leroy & Colette Hoelting
N.A. & Mary Hoelting
Viola Hoelting
Therese Hoelzeman
Mary Louise Hoffman
Paul Hoffman
Mike & Dolores Hofrichter
James Hogins
Charles Holman
Holy Family Church, Nazareth, TX
Jim & Mary Jan Hoobler
Wilburn & Elizabeth Hoover
Ann Horne
Dorothy Hosford
David & sarah Hotzel
Hilda Hoyt
Michael & Deborah Hoyt
Madelyn Hubbard
Eugene & Louise Huber
Marjorie Huffman
Frank & Kitty Hug
Ann Hunt
Judith Hurt
Connie Hyatt
Goldie Hyland
Annabelle imber
immaculate Conception
Church, Fort smith, Ar
immaculate Conception rel.
Ed., Fort smith, Ar
Alice isgrig
Mary Jo Jennen
Holly Jennings
Carrie Johnson
Mike & susan Johnson
Alton & rebecca Johnston
James & Anne Johnston
sally Johnston
C.D. & Vivian Jones
Greg Jones
Holly Jones
Jay Jones
Walter Jost & Ellie Brenny
Carolyn Joyce
James & Linda Joyce
Marguerita Joyce
Kenneth Kaelin Construction
robert & Joann Kale
Lothar & Eldeen Karl
Jo Kastner
Louise Kaufman
Fr. Thomas Keller
Patrick & Alice Kennedy
Graham & Dorothy Kent
Alberta, Mary Lou, & rose Ann Kiene
Charles & Lucille King
John King
Bro. Francis Kirchner, osB
William Kirk
Hilda Kleck
Jim & Connie Kleffner
Troy & Liz Kleffner
Constance Klug
Knights of Columbus, Charleston
Knights of Columbus, Fort smith
Charles & Mary Alice Knittig
Ed & Annette Knittig
Doris Koch
J.P. & Christina Koch
Jute & Aileen Koch
John & Lillian Kohler
Kenneth & Michaella Koldys
sr. Jolitta Konecny, rsM
Katherine Krall
Cecilia Krallman
Carmelita Kremers
Trenna Kremers
raymond & Barbara Kresse
Janie Krone
Alice Kuehler
Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse Kuehler
Paul & Charlotte Kuester
Judy Lacey
Linda Noe Laine
Dick & Jo Ann Lambert
Ginger Lambert
William Lange
Barbara Langlois
Late Nite Catechism 2
Marceline Lazzari
Janelle Lazzo
John & Jane Leding
Paul & Jo Ann Lehnen
rosemary Lelemsis
Genevieve Lemley
Agatha Lensing
Bob & rosetta Lensing
Carolyn Lensing
Msgr. David Lesieur
rita Lipin
Dennis & Beatrice Lock
William & Florence Long
Bob & Cathy Lorenz
Patrick & Elaine Lynch
Joe & June Lyons
David & Gilda Macksam
Mary Maestri
ruth Mahoney
James & Angie Malik
Vera Mann
sr. Anna James Markey
Jana Martin
Dorothy Martinous
Emma Mayes
Joe Mazzanti
Mr. & Mrs. o.B. Mazzanti
Jerry & sharon Mazzanti
Mrs. A.J. McCaig
Marie McCann
Elise McCartt
Anne Marie McCauley
Bernice McCauley
Barbara McConnell
Josephine McCracken
Jay McDaniel
Linda McDonough
Mildred roy McElligott
Ann McElmurry
Patty McGann
William & sharon McGannon
Mark McGregor
Mary McKeown
Fr. David McKillin, osB
David McMahon
Jim & Debbie Medley
Fred & Maryanne Meyerriecks
Bob & Becky Meyers
Gregory Meyers
John & Anna Marie Meyers
Mary Michele
sr. Paula Mignone
Mark & sherry Miles
Carl & Bea Miller
David & Priscilla Miller
James & Helen Miller
Mary Minden
Denise Mohr
Veronica Molnar
Amanda Moore
James & Laura Moore
Pat Moore
Uta Moore
Diana Moreno
Warren & Arlyne Morey
Jim, Darlene & Brian Morris
Johnny & Barbara Morris
Mother's society, Barling, Ar
ronnie & regina Moyer
Maria Mulligan
Bill Murray
Helen Nabholz
William Naegle
Andrew Nahlen
Theresa & Tony Nahlen
Nat. Religious Retirement Office
John & Marie Needham
Bridget Nelson
Mary Nelson
Cheryl Nesbitt
Helen Maxine Nethercot
John Neubauer
Delores Neumeier
Gertrude Noll
Barbara Noonen
Marie Nunn
Mary & Herman oberkoetter
Joe o'Brien
robert & Jennie o'Connor
Jim oswald
Fr. John oswald
James & Julie Palmer
richard & Andrea Papini
Margaret Parks
Bobby & Dorothy Pate
Mary Peck
ig & Brenda Pereira
Patricia Phillips
randy & Martha Pieroni
Marie Pilgreen
Hermena Pinter
suzanne Pittard
irma Pittroff
roman & Toni Plugge
shirley Plugge
Daniel Plunkett
Fr. Erik Pohlmeier
James & Patsy Post
Matthew & Betty Post
Matthew & Karla Post
Patricia Presley
Jennifer Priest
Prohaska Family Trust
rosemary rader
Gary & Mary radley
John ragland
Loretta raley Estate
Pauline raley
sister regina and Maintenance supervisor Ed Elkins work out
details for our new phone system with Connect, inc.
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ronald raley
Frederick ransom
Joyce ratcliff
imelda reber
Lynn reed
rita rehm
Thomas reinhart
Tony & rosemary reith
sandra renfrow
Anthony & Carol reuter
Wilson B. reynolds Trust
Leo & Christine rhea
Morris richardson
Kristen ricketts
Virginia ricketts
Buddy & Marilyn riedmueller
John & Lillie rife
Larry & Joy ringwald
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Bill & Jean Ann roddy
James & Joan rodemann
Margaret rogers
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orlan & Joan roper
Pete & Jeannette rossi
Deborah rovello
Antoinette rovinelli
sherri rowe
Clara Jane rubarth
Dwight & ruth ruelle
Laurine ruleau
Kevin & Madeline rumker
sacred Heart Church, Charleston, Ar
Noel & Laurie sagullo
st. Boniface school, Fort smith, Ar
st. John Altar society, russellville, Ar
st. John Church, russellville, Ar
st. scholastica Alumnae
ramon & Carol saldana
Kevin & Mary sayre
Barbara sax
Gary & Dawn scarborough
Victoria schaefer
Mildred schluterman
Ambrose & Mary schmitz
Andy & sue schmitz
Cletus & Linda schmitz
Denis schmitz
Lawrence & Terry schmitz
Leonard schmitz
ray & Christy schmitz
Dan & Ethel schmucker
Joseph & Charlotte schmuki
Al schneider & Judy Hoelzeman
Marietta schneider
Barbara schnitzer
Lawrence & Lu Jane schriver
Elmer schroeder
robert & Becky schroeder
Barbara schuchart
Margaret schulz
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Constance sheats
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Benita siebenmorgen
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Lisa simpson
sisters of Mercy, Barling, Ar
sisters of Mercy, Fort smith, Ar
sisters of Mercy, Little rock, Ar
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combine two 3rd floor rooms
into one for sisters who need ex-
tra care.
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Mr. & Mrs. Francis Conley
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We have tried to include all
benefactors in 2008. If your
name was overlooked or im-
properly printed, please ac-
cept our apologies and contact
us to correct the error.
Development Office
St. Scholastica Monastery
P.O. Box 3489
Fort Smith, AR 72913
(479) 783-4147
E-mail: [email protected]
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ANNUAL REPORT September 1, 2007 - August 31, 2008
Total Revenues, Gains & Other Support
Total Expenses & Losses
Net Change in Assets
Using only $425,000 (significantly less than in past years) from our continuing care fund, the monastery was able to bal-
ance the operating budget, thanks to the generosity of our benefactors. However, the value of our investment portfolio
decreased substantially due to the economic crisis.
Auxiliary income,
$54,718, 2%
$216,618, 6%
Community Ministries,
$120,074, 3%
Unrealized Loss on
$1,595,820, 45%
Lay Employees,
$980,249, 28%
$339,889, 10%
sisters' Personal
and Medical,
$284,362, 8%
sisters' Compensation,
$65,204, 3%
Donations and Gifts,
$869,287, 33%
investment income,
$662,572, 26%
sisters' Contributed
$534,175, 21%
$375,501, 15%
Loving and Inviting God,
We yearn for life and desire to see good days.
Awaken our hearts to your presence in the
people and circumstances we meet each day.
May we take time to listen to your presence
within us.
Bless your Church in love by raising up wom-
en and men of courage who will listen to your
invitation to commit themselves to seeking
and serving you in the Benedictine way of life.
May they, together with us, witness to your pres-
ence in the world.
In Jesus' name we pray.
Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery spend time in
Adoration and pray the Rosary daily for increased
vocations to monastic life. Join them in prayer by
cutting out this card, placing it in your Bible or prayer
book, and reciting it each day:
Consider Your Call
St. Scholastica Monastery Monastic Experience
July 9-13, 2009
This retreat weekend is open to young Catholic women between the ages
of 18-45 who want to learn about Benedictine life. There will be times for
prayer, ministry, getting to know the Sisters and participating in monastic life.
For more information, contact our Vocation Director:
Sister Kimberly Rose Prohaska, OSB
St. Scholastica Monastery
P.O. Box 3489
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72913
(479) 783-4147
[email protected]
Hear Sister
Kimberly on
This January, Sister Kimberly Prohaska appeared on
Marvin Fairchild's "Hearing the Call" show, broadcast on
KDUA, 96.5 FM, Rogers, AR. Out-of-area listeners can
access her show on KDUA's website, download her inter-
view on their MP3 players, and even forward it to friends
via e-mail. The link to Sister Kimberly's interview is at Sister Kim-
berly has been invited back to tape shows with Marvin in the
Sister Kimberly's Vocation Newsletter, "The Gatekeeper,"
will share what has been happening in our vocation program
since our last "Horizons." Read "The Gatekeeper" in PDF
format on our new website at
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St. Scholastica Monastery
1301 South Albert Pike
P.O. Box 3489
Fort Smith, AR 72913-3489
[email protected]
Non-Profit Organization
U.S. Postage Paid
Fort Smith, AR
Permit: No. 429
Feb. 20-22
Thomas Merton
Presenter: John King
March 7
Center Garage Sale
March 13-15
Sing a Melody of Bless-
ing With Your Life
Presenters: Macrina Wie-
derkehr, osB and Velma
March 21
Rolling Back the Stone:
Preparing Our Hearts
for Easter
Presenter: rev. rebecca
spooner, LAC
April 9-12
Triduum Retreat
April 25
Create Your Own Gourd
Prayer Bowl
Presenter: Melissa Ann
Letts, osB
May 2
Caregivers Retreat
Presenters: rachel Dietz,
osB, Kathy Lyon, Vicki
May 29-30
Dios Y Yo: Hispanic
Presenter: Dc. Marcelino
For more information, call (479) 783-1135,
e-mail [email protected] or visit
On October 17, the three
monastery bells that had been sitting
on the monastery roof were removed
and placed on a concrete slab on the
north side of the monastery.
On October 17-19, Sister
Rachel Dietz, OSB, Subprioress, led
the Diocese of Little Rock's annual
Deacon's Retreat at Subiaco.
On November 18-21, Ravi
Thiagarajan, Chief Financial Offi-
cer, represented the monastery at a
meeting of the National Association
of Treasurers of Religious Institutes
in Denver, CO.
In November, Sisters Kim-
berly Prohaska and Pat Bolling,
OSB, did vocation work in and
around Gonzales, LA. From Janu-
ary 28-February 5, Sisters Pat and
Kimberly, joined by Sister Ginger de
Gravelle, traveled to Lafayette, LA to
promote religious vocations.
On January 23-25, Sister
Rachel attended a Spiritual Direc-
tion Workshop at Mt. St. Scholastica,
Atchison, KS.
On January 28-February 5,
Sister Cabrini Schmitz, OSB, Prior-
ess, attended the Benedictine Prior-
esses Conference in Cullman, AL.
Sister Rosalie Ruesewald,
OSB, is currently attending a six-
week intensive Spanish immersion
program at MACC Mexican Ameri-
can Cultural Center in San Antonio,
On February 10, Bishop Antho-
ny B. Taylor will make his first visit to the
monastery and will celebrate the feast
of St. Scholastica with the community.
This December, local artist John
Bell, Jr. presented a numbered print of
"St. Scholastica Monastery-Circa 1929."
The original oil on canvas painting is
22" by 36." Bell has served on a spe-
cial committee for the National Endow-
ment of the Arts, owned and operated
two studios and galleries, and worked
as a commercial artist, church window
designer, and furniture fabric designer.
He continues to live and paint in his
home town, Fort Smith, Arkansas.