Vol. 41, No. 2


St. Scholasticas First Spiritual Director

Formation Program Graduates:

A Sacrament of Gods Strength

After five years of prayer, study, and practice, Sisters Rachel Dietz and

Stephanie Schroeder, Mike Boze, Alice Nahas, and Surennah Werley

became the first graduates of St. Scholasticas Spiritual Director Formation program

at Mass on May 6. Sisters Marie Ballman and Joanne Yankauskis, OSB, of Mount

St. Scholastica Monastery, Atchison, KS who helped Sister Rachel get the program

started in Fort Smith, presented certificates to and blessed the new directors.

The five year program is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Af-

ter completing year one, Retreat in Daily Life, which can be experienced on its own

or as an introduction to the formation program, the six new directors studied spiritual

direction and spiritual classics and spent two practicum years combining supervised

direction experience with journaling, peer presentations, and a discernment retreat.

Sister Rachel, the program director, hopes this class and each succeeding

class of directors will help spiritually transform entire communities as they walk with

people making their journeys to God.

“I am working with three directees at the present time and hope to be able

to journey with others as well,” Nahas said. “I am still looking for more opportuni-

ties to give back to the community; I will be co-leading the “Introduction to Spiritual

Direction” class this fall. I feel so blessed and humbled to have this opportunity, the

support of my parish and great instructors as I travel my journey. What a joy.”

Retreat in Daily Life will be offered in three locations this fall--Fort Smith, Fay-

etteville and Rogers. For more information, contact Sister Rachel at (479) 783-4147

or visit www.stscho.org.

July, 2012

Alice Nahas and Surennah Wer-

ley present the gifts at Mass.

After a journey that was five years in the making, six spiritual directors from St. Scholastica’s Spiritual Di-

rector Formation Program are sent forth with God’s blessing to begin their ministry.

A Message From the Prioress

Dear Friends of St. Scholastica,

Greetings to all of you from St. Scholastica in this busy month of June. We have reason for rejoicing

this month because five of our sisters are celebrating jubilees. Sisters Irma Twenter, Corinne Lange,

and Valeria Moellers are celebrating seventy-five years, Sister Josita Nahlen celebrating seventy

years and Sister Ethel Marie Sonnier sixty years of monastic profession. We are grateful to these sis-

ters for their faithfulness to their promises of stability, fidelity to the monastic way of life and obedience

over these many years. Their short biographies will be in this issue of Horizons.

Another reason for our rejoicing is that two of our sisters and four lay persons have received certifi-

cates for their completion of a five-year study to become spiritual directors. Our program began in August of 2006, when two

of our sisters accepted an invitation to check out the Spiritual Direction Program being offered by the Benedictine Sisters

then of Piedmont, Oklahoma. What began as a small seed planted in the hearts of these two sisters grew into a full program

here at St. Scholastica. We have taken, at request, the first step of the study, Retreat in Daily Life, to Rogers and Fayette-

ville, Arkansas. Retreat in Daily Life will continue here at St. Scholastica, along with the other four phases of the program.

This past year the input for our monthly days of recollection has been taken from a DVD of Dominican Sister Barbara Reids

presentation, “Embodying Holy Mystery,” given at the LCWR meeting in August, 2011. Since then the word MYSTERY has

taken on new meaning for me. “Mystery” has been popping up in articles that I have been reading. Sister Barbara spoke

of God as Holy Mystery birthing new life into all of creation. Henri F. Amiel says, “Let mystery have its place in you. Do not

be always turning up your whole soil with the ploughshare of self examination, but leave a little fallow corner in your heart

ready for any seed the winds may bring…”. So, as we wait in patience, the Holy Mystery hidden within us will slowly and

steadily bring us to true transformation. Sister Barbara closed her talk by saying, “The mystery is unfolding; how we are to

embody holy mystery is unfolding in our contemplative listening, in our sharing together and in holding on to one another.”

We are grateful for all of you who walk with us and for your gifts of support and prayers. Our prayers are for all of you,

asking God, Holy Mystery, to bless and keep you.


JustPeace members and some of the sisters will be helping

documented immigrants who have not yet become citizens to

apply for citizenship. The workshop was held on June 30 from

9 a.m. - 5 p.m. in Fort Smith.

The sisters toll the bells whenever there is an execution any-

where in the United States.

JustPeace members continue to witness for peace at the north-

east corner of Creekmore Park on the first Sunday of each month

from 12:15-1 p.m.

In the photo below, Sisters Rosalie and Alice attend Fr. Juan Man-

jarrez first Mass and reception at Immaculate Conception Church.

On May 20, four candidates enrolled in the Oblate program and

three people made oblation. Sister Hilary Decker (L) congratu-

lates Oblate Katherine Barnhart Thrift, enrollees John Fursten-

berg and Kathy Schmelzer, Oblate Sheryl Hampton, enrollee

Derron Martin, Oblate Pam Coates and enrollee Dorothy Sullivan.

Vol. 41, No. 2


July, 2012

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From the Development Office By Sister Elise Forst, OSB

Dear Friends,

Your generous response of almost $75,000 to our appeal letter last fall has enabled us

to address the needs for which we requested help.

Care of our dear senior Sisters is always our top priority. We know that everything we

have today is due to their faithful prayer and service. Currently twenty-two Sisters live in our

infirmary. Since you received our appeal letter, six of our Sisters have died. We miss them and

depend on their continuing intercession for us. Your gifts help us as we lovingly care for our dear elderly Sisters.

Your help these last few years enabled six people to be qualified as spiritual directors this spring.

impact of your donations will extend to all who will receive guidance from these directors.

The last few weeks several women have visited our monastery to see if monastic life is their calling.

Thanks to your donations, the community was able to assist one of these visitors with travel expenses.

We continue working with our consultants on the future use of our facilities. The recent deaths of our

Sisters has been a forceful indication that changes will be needed.

We greatly appreciate your loyal love and support. Let us keep each other in prayer as we move into the

unknown future.


If you know any people who may enjoy seeing

Horizons, please send their names and

addresses to Sister Elise Forst, P.O. Box 3489,

Fort Smith, AR 72913 or e-mail [email protected]org.



2 26" flat screen televisions

Office Volunteers: We are currently looking

for volunteers to work Friday mornings from 9

a.m. noon or Wednesday, Thursday, or Fri-

day afternoons from 1-3 p.m.The time needed

is in 3 hour segments. To volunteer, call Kathy

Schmelzer at (479) 783-1135.

Sample size toiletries for retreatants who may

have forgotten to pack something they need.


Apple equipment, LCD Monitors, Scanners,

250GB or larger Hard Drives, and USB Acces-



Audio books in any genre for

the sight-impaired sisters,

new or used.

Portable DVD player with

headphones for the hearing-

impaired sisters.

To donate audio-visual materi-

als, call Sister Cecelia, our ar-

chivist and librarian.

Please remember us when revising

or making your will. Our legal name is

St. Scholastica Monastery, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Six employees received service awards at the annual

Employee Recognition Dinner March 15. Standing are

Jodie Edgar (5 years); Tammi Williams (5 years); Ash-

ley Hooten (5 years); and Wesley Shelley (10 years).

Seated are Sue Burton (20 years) and Sandie Sharp (10

years). Tammi and Ashley work in the Infirmary. Jodie

and Sandie work in Housekeeping; Sue works in the

Kitchen and Wesley works in Maintenance.



5 Sisters celebrate 355 years of commitment

Sr. Valeria

Sr. Corinne

Sr. Irma

Sr. Josita

Sr. Ethel Marie

Sister Valeria Moellers, celebrating 75 years of religious life, has a room right across the hallway from the

locker she’d used as a student in the academy in the early 1930’s. Gentle and soft-spoken, she has shared the gift

of music as an organist in the monastic community and a music teacher for 56 years. She continues to teach piano

today to Sisters Alice and Sandra. God gave Sister Valeria the gift of music and she has paid it forward by teaching a

new generation of musicians. She still goes down to chapel for Mass and prayers each day. She is looking forward

to friends and family visiting for her jubilee.

Sister Corinne Lange, who is also celebrating 75 years, brought loving tender care to many in her 46 years

of nursing. In her early years as an obstetrics nurse, she placed all God’s infants side-by-side in the hospital even

when segregation made her actions controversial. As a seamstress, she has helped many with their mending needs

and care of their veils. Recently, she helped Sister Sandra make her white veil. Whether working on puzzles or com-

forting a friend, she brings light to everyone around her. Sister Corinne has fond memories of her 50th jubilee when

more of her “crowd” (novitiate class) was alive. She prays daily for vocations, and recalls that she, Sister Cordelia,

her late sister; her parents, brothers, and sisters would pray the Rosary each night on their knees. LIke Sister Valeria,

she is also found in chapel for Mass and prayers each day.

Sister Irma Twenter celebrated two milestones this year--her 100th birthday on April 3 and her 75th jubilee on

June 23. She served many missions as a housekeeper and seamstress. Several of her paintings adorn the monastery

walls, and her hand-painted greeting cards have been sold in the gift shop. The Clear Creek, MO native is known in the

infirmary for her joy and hearty laughter. “I am so thankful for all Gods blessings,” Sister Irma said.

Sister Josita Nahlen, celebrating 70 years as a sister, has spent her life teaching, loving and caring for chil-

dren. She spent several years raising her 8 brothers and sisters after her mother’s death, returning to the monastery

to make her profession in 1942. She was a teacher and principal for 48 years, the last 31 at St. Johns in Russellville.

Sister Josita, a talented seamstress, continued to sew well into her retirement, and enjoys making crafts for the gift

shop. She has been loved and remembered in every mission she’s served, and still corresponds with friends and

former students via e-mail and Facebook. “In my years as a sister, I enjoyed working with all my students,” she said

with a broad smile.

Sister Ethel Marie Sonnier, celebrating 60 years as a sister, transferred to St. Scholastica Monastery from

the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception, New Orleans in 1973. She made her profession in New Orleans

in 1952 and worked as a teacher in Louisiana, Missouri and Arkansas. Since 1985 she has lived as part of the core

community of Hesychia House of Prayer in New Blaine. Sister Ethel plays guitar and sings in the Hesychia Chapel

and has composed several pieces of liturgical music. As a spiritual director, she has prayed and journeyed with many

retreatants. “In my years of religious life, I have enjoyed teaching religion, playing for Mass with my guitar, and meet-

ing with adults on a spiritual and social level,” she said.

For more information on our jubilarians, visit www.stscho.org


In Loving Memory

Sister DeChantal Hyland, OSB, entered into eternal life on February 15, 2012 at the age of 105.

Sister DeChantal was born in Nazareth, TX on October 7, 1906 to Joseph and Frances McCormick Hyland.

She entered St. Scholastica Convent in 1923 and made her monastic profession on June 24, 1925. She

received her Bachelor’s degree in English from Marymount College, Salina, KS in 1939 and her Master’s

degree in English from the University of Texas in 1947.

Sister DeChantal taught for 56 years in public and Catholic schools in Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas,

including St. Ignatius, Scranton; St. Boniface, Fort Smith; St. Edward and St. Theresa, Little Rock; Holy Ro-

sary, Stuttgart; St. Joseph, Paris; and Immaculate Conception, Moberly, MO. She also taught 20 years in the

Nazareth, TX public school system. She was principal at St. Theresa, Little Rock 1971-76 and St. Joseph,

Paris from 1976-79.

After retirement she continued to teach part-time in the resource room at St. Boniface School. She tutored students privately

until she was 95 years old. She was actively interested in her community and the world until a few months before her death, reading

the newspaper, especially the sports pages each morning. She was an avid fan of the Razorbacks and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Sister DeChantal is survived by two sisters, Sister Frances Ann Braddock, OSB of the monastery and Joyce Tingle of

Arlington, TX; one brother, Brother Gerald Hyland, SM of St. Louis, MO; and numerous nieces and nephews. She was pre-

ceded in death by her parents; seven sisters, Amy Kuster, Sister Roberta Hyland, OSB, Joan Homan, Catherine Hyland, Ruth

Hyland, Maureen Schwaller and Rita Johnson; and four brothers, Pat, Bert, Father Fred and Gary. Vespers for the Dead were

prayed on February 17 in the monastery chapel. Her funeral Mass was celebrated on February 18, followed by interment in

the monastery cemetery.

Sister Richard Walter, OSB, entered into eternal life on March 1, 2012 at the age of 96. She was born on November

25, 1915 in Conway, AR, to John and Josephine Walter. She entered St. Scholastica Convent in 1934 and

made her monastic profession on June 24, 1937. During her career she was a cook and housekeeper in

Immaculate Heart Church, Marche; St. Joseph School, Paris; and Bishop Albert Fletcher’s residence, Little

Rock, where she served for eight years. In 1957 she returned to manage the monastery kitchen, a position

she served in until her retirement in 1994. Sister Richard’s dinners were known for their beautiful presenta-

tion. The sisters who enjoyed her cooking will always remember her southern fried chicken. An accom-

plished gardener, Sister Richard tended azaleas outside the monastery kitchen.

She is survived by six sisters, Margaret Parks, Frances McCaig, Mary Stephens, Hilda Hoyt, Martha

Lock and Josephine Wood; two brothers, Johnnie and Fred; and numerous nieces and nephews. Preceding her in death were

her parents and four brothers, Diederich, Pete, Ed, and Martin.

Vespers for the Dead were prayed on March 3 in the Monastery Chapel. The funeral Mass was held March 4 in the

Monastery Chapel with the Rev. David McKillin, OSB presiding, followed by burial in the monastery cemetery.

Sister Virginia Ann (Ginger) deGravelle, OSB, 72, died Wednesday, March 21, 2012, in St. Scholastica

Monastery. Virginia Ann deGravelle was born November 10, 1939, in Lafayette, LA to George and Marie Billeaud deGravelle.

She attended University of Louisiana—Layafette, majoring in accounting and business. She worked as an

accountant and as director of volunteers for a hospital in Lafayette, LA until she was 50. Sister Ginger en-

tered St. Scholastica Monastery in September, 1993. She worked in the monastery business office, served

as treasurer for six years, took care of the medical bills for the sisters and was on the Governing Board of

St. Anthony⁄St. Vincent Morrilton Medical Center for two years. She was preceded in death by her parents.

Sister Ginger is survived by one sister, Nancy Zembower and her husband, Gayle; one brother,

George deGravelle and his wife Debbie; one niece and two nephews.

Vespers for the Dead were prayed on March 23 in the monastery chapel. Her funeral Mass was celebrat-

ed on March 24 with Rev. David McKillin, OSB, presiding, followed by interment in the monastery cemetery.

Oblate Beatrice Ann Schlaf, age 90, entered into eternal life on May 26, 2012. She was born December 26, 1921, in

Morrison Bluff, AR to the late Joseph, Sr. and Anna Geels Siebenmorgen. She was a member of the first group to make obla-

tion at St. Scholastica Monastery in 1979. Beatrice was the widow of Stephen Schlaf and was preceded in death by one sister,

Sister Annene Siebenmorgen, OSB; three brothers, George, William, and Anthony Siebenmorgen; one son-in-law, Kenneth

Carson, and one great-granddaughter, Anna Sophia Caram. Beatrice is survived by five daughters, Marilyn Carson, Victoria

(Paul) Hart, Annette Schlaf, Patricia (David) Louk, and Joan (Adam) Granholm; eight grandchildren, two great-grandchildren;

one brother, Joseph Jr.; two sisters, Magdalen Cesare and Mary Ann Weisenfels; two sisters-in-law, Dorothy Siebenmorgen

and Benita Siebenmorgen; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Her funeral Mass was held May 30, 2012 at St. Boniface Church, Fort Smith and was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery.

Memorials for Sisters DeChantal, Richard, or Ginger or Beatrice Schlaf may be made to

St. Scholastica Monastery Continuing Care Fund, P.O. Box 3489, Fort Smith, AR 72913.


Natures Bounty Thrives in St. Scholastica Soil--

With Some Help From the Sisters!

For more photos and stories, visit our website at www.stscho.org

Sister Pierre Vorster, grounds super-

visor, has planted 130 trees around

the monastery grounds.

She set

up an irrigation system for her veg-

etable garden, in which she grows

tomatoes, okra, summer squash,

Japanese eggplant, zucchini, pep-

pers, zinnias and marigolds. Sister

Pierres tomato plants bloomed twice

last year, keeping the kitchen sup-

plied until December.

Sister Rosalie Ruesewald has dis-

covered the secret to keeping the

rabbits from eating her herbs--big

yellow marigolds, and lots of them!

This seasons harvest has given

the sisters lavendar wands for sa-

chets, scallions for the table, and

various seasonings for Sister Miri-

ams kitchen.

Some of the sisters jokingly say that

Sister Madeline Bariola’s thumbs

should be insured. Her beautiful house-

plants adorn the retreat center, and she

tends several gardens on the center

grounds. Seen examining one of her

fig trees here, Sister Madeline also

grows moonflowers, sunflowers, Mexi-

can sunflowers, mums, lilies, and zuc-

chini. “If I couldn’t get my hands dirty

every day I’d just die,” she said.

Sister Leona Marie Selig has a flow-

er garden near the greenhouses,

where she grows day lilies, larkspur,

petunias and sunflowers.

Gardening tips, Sister Maria’s recipe

for pineapple zucchini marmalade,

and Sister Rosalie’s instructions for

creating lavendar wands are in our

special garden section on the home

page of our website at www.stscho.org.

Sister Stephanie Schroeder, litur-

gist, grows roses and hydrangeas to

adorn the chapel and dining room.

She inherited the garden when Sis-

ter Annella broke her leg and had a

dream in which she saw the roses

and tomatoes begging for her help.

Last year oblates Ann McElmurry

and Judith Hurt treated the rose

garden to an automatic watering


Sister Maria DeAngeli, prioress,

grows a variety of herbs—basil,

oregano, lemon verbena, and pine-

apple sage--as well as tomatoes,

zucchini and leeks. Sister Maria,

who also makes jellies for the gift

shop and bake sale, recently made

zucchini marmalade using crushed

pineapple and zucchini.


Sister Macrina Wiederkehr cares for the

labyrinth flower beds, assisted by dedicated

volunteers like Kay Pope and Kate Althoff.

Trinity JHS ninth graders help weed the

labyrinth each May. Sister Macrina recently

planted a tree near the labyrinth in memory

of her aunt, Sister Mary John Wiederkehr,

who passed away in 2004.

Sister Barbara Bock, our newest gardener

from Columbia, MO, grows geraniums, mari-

golds, and sunflowers near the house of

discernment where the vocations team lives

and welcomes discerners exploring monas-

tic life.


The Vocations team--Sisters Kimberly Prohaska, director; and Barbara Bock, assistant direc-

tor--have had a busy spring season, visiting events throughout Arkansas and offering hospi-

tality and an opportunity to learn more about monastic life to students and adult discerners.

Discerners Rhonda Howell, Dawn Harbin, Maria Elena Fisk, Linda Cory, and Judith Timmer-

man have visited the sisters--some for weekends, two for longer visits.

Several sisters attended Fifth Grade Vocation Day at Subiaco on March 2. Sister Kimberly

gave Trinity students tours of the monastery on March 30. On May 4, Sisters Kimberly, Cece-

lia Brickell, and Dolores Vincent Bauer spoke to students at Career Day in Trinity Junior High

School. On May 5, Sisters Kimberly, Dolores Vincent, and Barbara Bock hosted a vocation

booth at Rex Fest at Christ the King Parish, Little Rock. On April 29, the entire monastic com-

munity participated in World Day of Prayer for Vocations.

The Diocese of Little Rock now sponsors Discernment Opportunities for Women. There are

discernment retreat days, weekends and gatherings for women who are thinking about a call

to the religious life available to interested persons in various parts of the state.

St. Scholastica Monastery offers its house of discernment for any woman thinking about a calling. These opportunities do not

stress one order or charism but rather help the seeker to find the community and apostolic ministry that best suits her call. The

goal of the groups is to assist young women in discerning a religious vocation, by journeying with them to help clarify where

God is leading them in a safe and supportive environment. Regions for Discernment Opportunities include:

North Central Arkansas (Mountain Home) Directors: Sister Kimberly Rose Prohaska, OSB and Sister Joachima Celinska, OP

North East Arkansas (Jonesboro) Directors: Sisters Mary Clare Bezner and Elaine Willett, OSB

North West Arkansas (Fort Smith) Directors: Sisters Barbara Bock, OSB and Carolyn Enders, BSC

Central Arkansas (Conway and Little Rock) Sisters Margaret Meisner, SCN; Maria Liebeck, DC; Joan Pytlik, DC, and Lisa

Griffith, RSM

Southeast Arkansas (Gould)--Sister Judy Warmbold, DC

For more information about Diocesan Discernment Contact Sister Joan Pytlik, DC at (501) 664-0340 or Sisters Kimberly

Rose Prohaska or Barbara Bock, OSB at (479) 783-4147 or e-mail vo[email protected].


visitors (shown


include Dawn


Linda Cory, and

Rhonda Howell.


A Come and See Monastic Experience

for women and men ages 18-45

was held at St. Scholastica Monastery

and Subiaco Abbey on July 5-9, 2012.

To learn about upcoming

Come and See Weekends

or next years Monastic Experience contact

Sister Kimberly Prohaska at (479) 783-4147

or Brother Francis Kirchner at

(479) 934-1047.

Sisters Dolores Vincent, Cecelia, and Kimberly at

Trinity JHSs Career Day.


Sisters Maria DeAngeli,




sub-prioress; Hilary Decker and

Rosalie Ruesewald celebrated the

125th anniversary of Holy Angels

Convent, Jonesboro, with the sisters

there on March 21.




Bauer traveled to Guatemala with

Oblate Kathy Jarvis and campus min-

istry member Jennifer Verkamp March

18-25, visiting several mission places,

including Ciuadad de la Felicidad, an

orphanage built with the help of Bene-

dictine monks.

On March 29-April 3 Sis-

ters Rachel Dietz and Stephanie

Schroeder served as directors at

the Silent Directed Retreat in St.

Johns Center, Little Rock.

Sisters Rachel and Stepha-

nie went to Mount St. Scholastica Mon-

astery, Atchison, KS April 26-29 for a

workshop for spiritual directors.

On May 1-5, Sister Maria

DeAngeli attended the Federation

of St. Gertrude Council Meeting in

Mount Angel, OR.








O’Brien, Cecelia Brickell and San-

dra Nelson attended the Bible Insti-

tute in Little Rock June 29-July 1.

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2012