Hesychia House of Prayer

Hesychia House of prayer is nestled among the Ozark Mountains in New Blaine, Arkansas. The house is staffed by two Sisters who live a life of prayer and hospitality to adults of any faith who are seeking quiet time alone with God.

There are three short-term hermitages and one long-term hermitage available for stay.

The short term hermitages can be made available for as little as one day, and up to several days. The long term hermitage, named Sacro Speco in honor of St. Benedict's time in a cave in Subiaco, Italy, is available for those who desire total solitude for a longer period of time, ranging from one week to several months. Guests staying in the short-term hermitages are invited to share the evening meal with the staff but are to provide all their other food themselves. Linens and simple cooking and refrigerating equipment are provided.

The long-term hermitage, Sacre Speco, is nestled in the pasture at Hesychia.

First cemetery for the Sisters of St. Scholastica

The long-term hermitage has a full kitchen setup. Guests staying in that hermitage are to provide all their own food and do their own cooking but are occasionally invited to share the evening meal with the staff.

Guests using any facility at Hesychia can enjoy the peaceful scenery and the deep quiet that sets an atmosphere to seek God freely. All guests using any facility at Hesychia are welcome to participate in the community prayer which consists of praying the Liturgy of the Hours and the Eucharist. They are also welcome to use the chapel for private reflection, the deck of the main house, and the tape and book library. Sisters are willing to meet with guests who desire more direction. Cows roam the pastures and provide a relaxing view from the windows of the hermitages. Adventurous folks may be interested in using the hiking trails in the 200 acres of wooded area.

The suggested donation for the hermitages is $50/night for the first week and $35/night thereafter; a $20 donation is requested for a day only. However, if someone is unable to pay the requested amount, a lesser amount will be accepted, as we do not want anyone wishing to spend time with God here to be turned away because of a lack of money.

If you are interested in making reservations or in learning more about Hesychia, please contact the Sisters directly at the address and number on the left side of this page.

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