Macrina, Your Sister

Liturgy and Prayers

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  • 7:30 AM Morning Praise
  • 11:50 AM Noon Praise
  • 5:00 PM Evening Praise
Tuesday - Friday
  • 7:00 AM Morning Praise
  • 7:30 AM Eucharist
  • 11:50 AM Noon Praise
  • 5:00 PM Evening Praise
  • 11:30 AM Morning Praise
  • 5:00 PM Evening Praise
  • 7:30 AM Mass
  • 8:00 AM Morning Praise
  • 5:00 PM Evening Praise
  • 6:00 PM Supper

All are invited to join us for our daily prayer. Prayer times are subject to change especially on feast days and special days. Please call ahead to confirm times.

Guests are always welcome to pray the Liturgy of the Hours and celebrate the Eucharist with the sisters. There may be occasional variations in the schedule posted at left, particularly on special occasions. Please call ahead to confirm times if you would like to visit.

The sisters sing Liturgy of the Hours in community—Morning, Noon, and Evening Praise. They celebrate the Eucharist each morning after Morning Praise. Many sisters pray Compline, or Night Prayer, individually at the end of the day.

A group of sisters meets in chapel each afternoon to recite the Rosary for an increase in vocations to the community.  Some sisters spend time in Eucharistic Adoration before Evening Praise each day.

The first or second Saturday of the month is generally a Day of Recollection for the community.  Some months there is a speaker or specific material for reflection and sharing.  Other months, the day is spent in silence and prayer, allowing the sisters to deepen their prayer lives and set time apart for personal reflection.

Sisters are expected to spend time alone every day for personal prayer and Lectio Divina (slow contemplative praying of the scriptures.) They are also encouraged to be involved in on-going spiritual direction and faith-sharing. A well-stocked library of books, periodicals, tapes and videos provide many resources for spiritual growth and development. Workshops for the entire community, as well as opportunities for personal retreats and education are scheduled regularly. Sisters also occasionally take personal days, also called “desert days,” for prayer and reflection. The sisters may make reservations at Hesychia, check a room out at the Center, or stay at a get-away house, called Bethany, located in nearby Hackett, Arkansas. Small groups also use Bethany as a space to share and spend time together.

Each sister spends time to pray and discern what ministry she is called to offer to the community. Every member shares the gifts and talents God has given her with the community according to her abilities, interests, and community needs. Uniformity among members is not required. Each individual is allowed to develop and grow into the unique person God created her to be. On-going conversion and self-knowledge are critical in living the monastic community life.

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