Rosaries and Rosary Meditations

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Red Cloisonne  Auto Rosary
Two decades. ..
Rosaries for $3.50
18" long plastic beaded Rosaries are priced to fit any budget!  Select from six colors. ..
Rosaries for 40 cents
Corded plastic Rosaries priced for any budget!  17" long.  Choose from eight colors. ..
Gold capped metal rosebud beads, 6mm, with two-tone Crucifix and gold-plated center.  Rosary..
Ruby Double-Capped Bead Rosary
Beads are 7 mm.  Length 24".   ..
Ruby Double-Chained Glass Bead Rosary
Beads are 6" x 8" mm.  Length 19".  Also called Ladder Rosaries. ..
Scriptural Rosary
Includes the Luminous Mysteries.  Includes instructions to pray the Rosary, a history of the..
St. Michael Rosary
Pewter crucifix and centerpiece.  5 x 8 mm. Gift boxed. ..
The Scriptural Rosary
The history of the rosary is explained and appropriate scriptural passages are offered to further..
Topaz-colored Speckled Rosary
Vitrail  Bead Auto Rosary
Multi-faceted, irridescent two-decade Rosary.  ..
Wall Rosary
Alabaster wall Rosary is 66" long. ..
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