Weekly Reflection - January 15, 2017

Winter Love (excerpted)
Sr. Louise Sharum

Winter love has such beauty in the human heart,
the beauty of slow, enduring, waiting growth.
It takes decades of slow inching to make a tree branch
And it takes a lifetime for a human heart to grow treewise.
The untrue branches, those that grew in ways
other than God’s design, those “no” inchings of growth–
passes so swiftly and will never come back as the same.
Why must our hearts ache so and be so torn, so alone?

Life is a pilgrimage.
We are on our way to a home prepared for us that will be forever.
It is crucial that we love the road we travel,
but remain free.
God always calls us onward;
always calls us beyond where we are.
There were hard times during years past
but now it all seems so precious.
Our whole life is like that.
The truth is that it is precious.
To focus on the hard while we are living through it
is natural but limiting.

Upcoming Retreat:
3-Day: Silent Directed Retreat

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This retreat is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. This retreat is a time to practice silence in order to make room for God to work in your life and y this to strengthen your relationship with Him. In the silence you are better able to hear God’s invitation to open your heart and surrender your soul in a deeper way. Each day you will meet with a Spiritual Director to assist you in discerning God’s invitation and to offer suggestions to guide you during your silence.

Cost: $235.00 A $50.00 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required at time of registration. Lodging and meals are included.

Begins January 5-8, 2017 and is Presented by Sr. Rachel Dietz, OSB

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